Monday, December 17, 2007

An Unevenly Matched Couple Part 3

Eira let herself revel in the energy for all of five seconds.

Her own ugly brush with reality would keep her from develing completely into her own fantasy world.

Keeping her breathing as even as possible, she slowly retracted her energy and bent to pick up and replace her belongings in the bag.

When she rose, her ID was in hand and it was thrust into the hands of Squeaky with a half-growl, snarl before she stalked off, a little spot of red glowing on the cover.

"I am not staying here any longer." Her voice grated again. "So you need not track me down to return that. I will call it when I know you are finished."

With that, she stalked off, melting into the crowd.

Dana's words now replayed in her head and the moment she found a quiet, shadowed corner. She took it.

A simple doorstep, with a seemingly empty alley, she leaned back, head against the wall. One sigh escaped followed by a sniffle that couldn't be held back.

Now it seemed Dana was more right that she'd ever been. "I couldn't have been wrong to want something better, could I?" Eira asked her boots.

Of course, they didn't answer, but someone else did.

"Depends on what you're wanting, miss."

Her head jerked up to look at a fellow a few inches shorter than her shoulder height, he was wearing a well-worn, but rich, hooded cloak and expensive brown boots. In one arm he cradled a sack of grocery and his eyes were smiling even though his mouth did not. "Everything all right?" He inched past, edging around her to head for the road.

Eira looked at him miserably. "No. And nothing will ever be right."

He paused to look back. "Bit dramatic, aren't you?" He shifted the sack. "Guest or Visitor?"

She sniffled. "I don't know anymore."

He sighed. Loudly. "Very well then, I'll assume you are a stray. Have you a place to stay for the night?"

"If I did would it matter?" She pulled her feet up to her chest. "I can't believe I'm here doing this."

"Doing what?" He tapped her leg with one foot. "Up. Consider yourself temporarily adopted. At least, if you are who you seem to be." He chuckled. "That was quite a burst of energy. I could feel it all the way back here."

Eira's head snapped up to look at him fully this time. "You felt my energy?" She was on her feet, hugging the bag to her chest, now completely aware.

He held up a hand as if to protect himself. "Hey. No need to be so jittery. I just said I could, that's all. And it is a friendly offer." The lips twisted into a superlicious smile. "No one would dare disturb you in your misery while under the protection of the Dark Phoenix."

Eira thought she might faint. "You're the Dark Phoenix?"

He perked a brow. "Don't tell me. You were expecting someone older and taller."


"You can stay then." He turned on his heel with a huff.

"No, wait!" Eira hurried after him. "I didn't mean that the way it came out, I mean, well, hey, wait up!"