Monday, January 19, 2009

Melancholy...Or Not!

I love the way that word sounds. Melancholy. I'm not sure why, but it always stirs me in thought when I try to puzzle my way around it.

My favorite definition of it is "A feeling of thoughtful sadness". An excellent description of my feelings as the new year settles in and my life returns to 'normal'. Or at least my crazy, mixed-up version of normal. As I'm sure some of you have figured, this sort of freewriting tends to be 'random' and rather reflective at times.

The faintest sprinkling of snow was visible on the mountains this morning and it was the first reminder that a lot of things were changing. The change feels as cold as the snow is currently showering down on the mountains, but in spite of my ridiculously depressing spell this past week, I feel delieriously happy.

Of course, I also tackled the giants on my nearly 'endless' to-do list yesterday, so today I have the added assurance of feeling free on top of my happy silliness. It always amazes me how happy I can get sometimes.

Honestly. It made me start thinking of what had really changed since last week to now. Granted, I hadn't exactly been stuck with the usual set of 'things' that throw me into the ususal frantic state of panic, but I wasn't exactly doing all that great either. I woke up with a stomachache, had to drive with snow on the road and accidentally burned my (fairly new!) pair of fluffy boots.

Hmmm. Strange. I weighed everything back out in my mind and the answers came out like this. Stomachache, is okay, at least it's not a headache. Snow is okay. It could've been ice. (Thankfully the icy areas have been salted, over the weekends, the roads have been really bad. I am SO grateful for this!) and as for my poor boots, well, at least my toes were warm. ^_^

Isn't that funny? Coming from someone who unfailingly manages to get herself labled as an overacheiving perfectionist, I find it amazing how my days can change (along with my random attitude) when I quit stressing and let God take care of it. Not an earth-shattering revelation, mind you, just a simple observation. ^_^ Now if I can hold onto to that for this upcoming week...brrr...snowy days, late nights and lots of words to be typed. Think I can I do it? Yes!


Joanne Sher said...

Amen. Just the right perspective, my dear. Love ya - and keep putting God in the center. Makes all the difference!