Friday, January 9, 2009

Morning's Light (Friday Fiction)

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Author's Note:
I've been busy this week with launching
In Shades of Scarlet, so a few of you may remember this piece. I thought it might be nice to post something short and from my 'other' world of writing. Do Enjoy. (and those of you needing a fantasy fix, scroll down to the post below to read "Hunted")

I died this morning.

My heart went black and my soul became silent. The things I’d held dear, all that I’d treasured…were gone. I knew nothing of them.

My hand were empty, my lips dry. There was no one there, for that, I was glad. This would be different.

Not an ordinary death. No, something much more. I had made the necessary arrangements. An urn for the ashes, music for the doves and a moment of silence for myself.

At the first hint of morning, I cried two tears.

By morning’s new light, I buried my old self.

The ashes of charred mistakes were emptied into the urn. My freedom was expressed, in releasing two, snow-white doves. A moment of silence was allotted. A time for me to think. To decided who I would be, before the sun rose.

I would live today.

My new heart was freshly painted pink. Passion and perseverance were moulded into my soul. New memories were promised. New treasures were given. My hands were prepared, my lips, ready.

This is not an ordinary life. No, it is much more.

I have made the necessary arrangements. Kindling for my heart’s desire. A symphony for my life’s song and a moment of silence. To reflect on what is to come.

At the second light of morning, I cried two tears. One for hope. One for life. For as soon as I awake, to face this new day, the world will demand my attention.

Unless I am focused, renewed and healed, I will be dead by morning’s new life.

Copyright 2009 Sara Harricharan


The Surrendered Scribe said...

I don't remember this one, but I'm so glad I read it. Your opening reminds me a lot of Brandilyn Collins, just grabs your interest and never lets go. I hope you have an awesome 2009!

Sherri Ward said...

This one makes you think - dying to self is never easy, but the prospect of new life makes it worthwhile.

Dee Yoder said...

What it takes to die to self each day is KNOWING you need to do it! Thanks for the reminder in such a memorable form, Sara. Wonderful!