Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Valentine

This is a special Valentine for my Heavenly Father.

When I scream and cry, and rage at you,
I hear a patient sigh
When I try to run away from you,
Your arms are open wide

When I try to find the words for you,
You write them on my heart
When I try to throw them back at you,
They bounce right back

I think I'm growing
Maybe it's showing
Maybe I'm not so sure

I think You're bigger
Than I'd ever discover
Maybe, this time I'm sure

For every rough patch
On our shared journey
You smooth the way again

For every rough patch
On my battered heart
You soothe it over again

Our language is different
Special, unique
Our heartprints are different
Between you and me

You don't mind,
The acid tears
You don't mind
The shredded fears
You don't mind
The empty pages
You don't mind
The empty heart

You share the tears
That burn down my cheeks
You calm the fears
That spring from my mouth
You fill the pages
With so many words
Because you know my heart
Belongs to you first

An empty slate
Is an open heart
A brand new start
Is a practiced art

I give you a paintbrush
Will all of the paint
With every single color
With matching little names

With every precise stroke
I crave more of you
I'm seeing the picture
You've started anew

Rainbow colors
Dancing across
Pure creation
No pain, no loss

I love you forever
Do you believe?
I promise you're always
First for me.

Happy Valentine's Day, Daddy.




Joanne Sher said...

Ooooooh, honey. This is BEAUTIFUL! Go put it in general subs so I can jewel it!!! LOL Seriously - this is GORgeous!

Patty Wysong said...

Beautiful, Sara. Sooooo good!!

Laury said...

Oh man, Sara. This is awesome. I LOVE it. You are so talented. Keep on writing, got it?

Happy Valentine's Day, Sweetie!!!

LauraLee Shaw said...

Sweetheart, this touched my heart so. Wow, beautiful.