Saturday, April 11, 2009

An Easter Break

Happy Easter!

I do hope you all are enjoying this weekend as I am. In honor of Easter, I ate a cadbury chocolate creme egg. LOL. Whether you believe me or not, that was actully only the second time I've eaten one. Thanks to a rather persuasive and very good friend, I went on a hunt to find and try this and the experience was quite enjoyable. Obviously Easter is more than candy though and since I'm trying not to do a specific "Easter" post as I could pretty much be here all day doing that and there's so much more inside my head to get out, not to mention to other things I do want to mention. I'll just mention that my family celebrates the "Feast of Unleavened Bread" and this morning has been an interesting debate in what to cook and bake. I've been having a wonderful time so far, and enjoying some of the more creative solutions. For instance, there are quite a bit of sweet things to make that do not require any "leavening" of any sort. I think I'm dreaming, as I haven't had so many home-baked goodies for the entire year!

Of course now that the month is evening out, I have some extra time to write and relax. The relax part, being the most fun. This month, April is ScriptFrenzy( and I've been having a blast so far. The idea is to write 100 pages of script during the month of April. Last year's project was so very fun, I've been looking forward to this year since last May!

I use the scriptwriting program Celtx to take the headache out of formatting and have just been letting my extra creative juices flow into there. While I currently have 15 pages, I plan to significantly boost that page count by tonight, as I've been playing with several new twists inside of my head and well, I figured I'd give y'all a quick summary of the story. It's titled "Housemother Anne" as an alien woman who takes in troubled, orphaned children and helps them work out the wrinkles in their lives. The twist to this story is from the very beginning, whenever any child enters the house for the first time, they must give her a handshake, which is when she reads their minds, and then a hug, which is where she offers a full-body healing. This automatically creates some drama and of course, puts Housemother Anne on a more leveled playing field to reach these "unreachable children".

If I'm up to it this month, I might post an excerpt. The story has been fun, since scriptwriting is bascially blocks of dialog with descriptions and props inserted here and there. Those of you reading my sister blog, Fiction Fusion, may have noticed my unintentional overflow, where the current serial of "Raising Rachel" has had several long blocks of simply dialog. My apologies! I've got scripting on the brain. ^_^ That, and I quite want to whack Rachel over the head for being such a dork. Oh well. I've done stranger things, I suppose.

Anyway, thanks for reading through my ramblings. My mind is a creative explosion at present and I only just realized it's been quite near a month since my last post. My original aim was to post at least once per week, but my life has a way of turning me upside down without warning at any given time. It's been a wild ride, but things are calming down enough for me to breathe. Two rather bittersweet songs come to mind, one of them being Steven Curtis Chapman's "Cinderella".

Happy Easter, God bless!

P.S. Prayers during the TN Tornado watch yesterday were very much appreciated. Thankfully, my family and I are all well and safe and it appears there are no serious damages, just lots of brush and branches in odd places, along with our missing garbage cans. Thank you so much! ^_^


Joanne Sher said...

I'm glad you took the advice of your rather persuasive and very good friend ;) - and that's cool that you do feast of the unleavened bread! Would love to hear exactly what you do for that! Good for you on your screnzy and such. LOVE ya, girliefriend!

Lita said...

Oh, my gosh. Cadbury creme eggs are DELIGHTFUL. Mmmmm.

You should post about ScriptFrenzy over on the forum! We've been missing you, and I don't think the rest of us knew about it, lol.