Monday, January 11, 2010

Consistency (An Introduction to 2010)


If I could hide from a word, I would probably be peeking over the very tip-top of my keyboard right now.


Well, um…you know. It’s kind of scary…the definition says something about routine and I tend to have a random streak which is very…inconsistent? I do not do it on purpose, it just sort of pops out and then I have to try and puzzle through what on earth just happened, or rather, why on earth did it just happen.

However, in spite of my fears, it appears that “Consistency” is intent on being my word for this year, the grand 2010. It certainly is a good word, for all my good intentions, without consistency, amount to zip, zilch, nada, naught, nine…I don’t know where the nine came from, but consistency. I’m working on it.

Last year, even though my posts were a tad inconsistent, they did help with reaching past my non-fiction block and working with last year’s word, “transparency”. Oooh. That one is scary too. Transparent means you can see through things…right through things.

Probably like this post.

Which has something to do with how brain-dead I could be at eleven something at night. But I’m getting a tad off subject here, my aim to be connecting the dots this year. I placed plenty of little transparency flags out last year and this year, I will be faithfully trotting out to visit each of them with my precious little spool of rainbow-colored twine. I will tie the cord to one end and loop it around each flag in my journeys, to connect the entire scatterplot together to form a working picture.

Part of my year-long goals include consistency in blogging, whether through yanking things straight out of my head, or participating in a few weekly memes(which I dearly love to do) to keep the flags and dots coming together. I aim to work through a few giant points, such as finishing my NaNo 2009 novel, “Faceless” and sending it out to my very wonderful Beta readers, while participating in whatever writing challenges I have the time for. This year, I may be taking a break from some of the excitement (FAWM, JulNo, etc—but we shall see), I do aim to tackle few others, such as EdMo and Screnzy. And lastly, to finish my mountain of creative projects.

I love making a ‘everything list’ at the beginning of each year, it’s especially fun to look back at it the next year and cross out things I’d forgotten about, but actually did, while moving some favorites to the current list to tackle again. It was a pleasant surprise to find that I had actually fulfilled some of my goals for transparency in 2009, which included a facebook fan page—a huge step for this writer who is still wincing at the “consistency” dictator at the top of the page, who is insisting little steps are the key to overcoming bigger obstacles. Second was producing fresh content for the Friday Fiction over at my sister blog, I have shorter pieces, other more ‘normal’ pieces, in a sense, but I accepted one of little challenges to write a few serial-type storylines, taking the characters, plot and fun just a little longer. Currently, I have my first super-powered Master-apprentice-duo within one of my ‘worlds’ with the Faith-filled twist I’ve been dying to tag to my writing. So far, it’s been wonderful!

I’ve also been procrastinating on writing the installments by tweaking my blogs. There are still glitches to be worked out and all feedback is appreciated. ^_^ You can see the obvious changes by the new backgrounds and widget thingies. I love widgets. What a fun word. W-i-d-g-e-t. It’s even fun to spell!


Right. Workin’ on that.

Anyway, the usual ramblings for the things this year I plan on pursuing:
1. Bloggy consistency
2. Article consistency
3. Bible in a year—using the Everyday with Jesus Bible by HCSB
4. WIP’s finished. (Tears of Muse and Faceless)
5. The Child Hunter—first edit, complete.

Dontcha just love the first two? LOL. I’ll let know what I think of them later, but it’s been on me for awhile to get my randomness screwed in where it belongs so I can tackle some of the reality-inspired sort of things. This is just a short basic list (accountability if nothing else, right?) and I’m sure there’s plenty of other things I’ll remember to share (probably right after I click the ‘post’ button) but fair warning for the posts to come with my thoughts and adventures in the year 2010.

Happy writing and best wishes to you all—I can’t wait to see where this year will go.


Joanne Sher said...

"nine" - though not spelled that way, I don't think - is "no" in German - maybe THAT"s where it came from!

OH, sweetie - I thought you were kiddin when you said you wanted to grow up and be just like me ;). I'll DEFINITELY be praying for ya. Maybe I should make my word "inconsistency." Waddayathink, eh?

Love ya, SAWA!