Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Randomized...and the Nancy Drew Challenge

And I've created my own monster. Well, not exactly, but my own version of it, since I'm almost certain that button up there makes absolutely no sense to you at the present moment. Especially since I was kinda trigger happy when I was pasting and polishing it up. Since consistency is something I'm working on, I'll use my Random Zone as the perfect warning to give y'all a head's up. You may even see it appear on my Fiction Fusion blog. Goodness! Should it appear, simply smile and nod, realizing that there is something entirely unrelated to follow all previous topics and posts. See, Random can be consistent! ^_^

Now, onto the real news. ^_^

It's not exactly randomized reading, but the idea is mostly there. ^_^ I recently stumbled across the link for the Nancy Drew challenge posted by Deborah @ Books, Movies, and Chinese Food. The idea was to read all the yellowbacks in the Nancy Drew series during 2010. Namely, the original 56 books, not including the recent addition of the 8, (hardback versions of books 57 through 64).

Honestly? The idea sounded like loads of fun to me, so I've decided to sign myself up and dive back into the books that first started me along my writing journey. I may actually read all 64 of the hardcovers in my possession. Nancy Drew has been a tremendous push into the world of fantasy, inspiration and a super-charged FMC(Female Main Character) with brains and beauty. I love how she always manages to outwit the villains-brute force is never as satisfying anymore-and still have plenty of energy and smiles, as she awaits the next terrific adventure to come her way.

Many afternoons in my pre-teen years were often spent squirreled away somewhere with a book in hand--namely, Nancy Drew. This love has shown up in my collection of every hardcover book, a handful of the paperbacks and a few of the PC games from Her Interactive. I'm excited to relive these books again. I cannot bear to make it through the year without reading as much as I write...probably even a little more.

Wanna join me? It will be fun! (and I promise, I'm a good reading buddy...)

If you'd like to join in the fun yourself(there are even some awesome prizes!) just click here and read all about it. You don't need a blog to join and if you've already read some of them, then you can skip to the one's you haven't read.