Saturday, February 27, 2010

Updates...The Rambling Kind

I started off the year with such grand projects and propositions and of course, the best of intentions. I feel it is only fair to mention that I am keeping up with them even if my blogging consistency has been otherwise. I will confess the memes have helped in my regular postings, for having a Manic Monday over here and a Booking Through Thursday at Fiction Fusion, keeps my mind tuned into bloggy things.  ^_^

Of course, I've also been dabbling back in forth in the usual month-long projects. This month was FAWM=February Album Writing Month, the challenge to write 14 songs in 28 days. It's great fun and challenges any music lover/poet. Songwriting is definitely a different sort of 'beast' so to speak, and this year has been the most challenging--yet rewarding for me. Currently, the song count is at 10, leaving me to dream up 4 more between now and tomorrow night.

Should be fun...operative word being 'should'. ^_^

The Nancy Drew challenge has slowed to a crawl for two reasons--which are really just excellently crafted excuses. School papers demand I read the literary works I am writing about and even though I would like to either read, write or daydream my every waking moment, for some reason I have to deal with this thing called "sleep". Ever heard of it? Me neither. Moving on...

On the other hand, my bible-in-a-year challenge is coming along quite nicely. I am now wondering if I can double up and move through it quicker than the entire year. The format in which it is presented keeps me engaged and wanting to "hurry up" to get to the next page. This is definitely a breakthrough for me, in terms of consistently reading through the daily chapters. Currently, I am in Leviticus and Mark, with passages through Psalms and Proverbs. So far--so good.

I have also been participating in the Jiffy Challenge, which you may have seen on two wonderful blogs by two wonderful writer friends of mine, JJ's An Open Book and Peej's Patterings. The challenge was to write 35,000 words during the month of February. You could work on multiple projects at a time, as long as the writing goal was met, an intended alternative for those unable to participate in NaNoWriMo during the hectic November month. Jiffy has been quite fun! I enjoyed the fact that I could hop from project to project and that it was at an entirely different time of year when my favorite stormy day atmosphere was fairly regular.

An update on Faceless--the story has been moving along, albeit slower than I would like, but nearing the end. I have a few characters screaming to be first, so naturally, I am refusing to choose sides and shall wait for another character to assume the role of referee so I can get back on track. Currently my efforts are directed at school projects and whatever writing I am doing, has been where it is needed most, in my Friday Fiction pieces (btw, Hunt For the Dark Phoenix has crossed over the 50k mark. WOOT!) FWC and some short pieces to help empty some of the circus in my head. You may have noticed a few of these new pieces appearing on Fiction Fusion in the version of flash fiction (under 500 words) and inspirational fiction (700+). The latest piece, Cardboard box, will be posted at Fiction Fusion sometime in this coming week--keep an eye out for it!

And, as it is nearing midnight, I suppose I ought to end this. Cheerio!