Thursday, February 18, 2010

Winter Olympics and Reading? (BBT)

You may have noticed–the Winter Olympics are going on. Is that affecting your reading time?

Not really. It's been a crazy school week, with the lousy weather causing issues for everyone. I've been trying to catch up on textbook chapters and assigned reading. I have, though, been sneaking in a bit of reading in between the lines--and commercials. I watch the evening feed of the Olympics with my folks. It's been wonderful! Currently reading "Writing Down The Bones" by Natalie Goldberg, a truly wonderful book for the writerly soul. I'm halfway through and don't want to put it down...but I also want to keep up with my 'consistency' so here I be.

Have you read any Olympics-themed books?

No. I'm sure there's some good ones out there though. Should I find some, I will probably read a couple.

What do you think about the Olympics in general?

I think it's fun and incredibly inspiring. I love the different stories from athletes all over the world from so many different countries, all with a unique touch to add to their skill/talent. It is amazing to watch and heartbreaking at times. Very easy to get involved when I know the backstory. Kudos to all of them though for following a passion and making it to the Olympics!