Friday, April 30, 2010

Hunt For The Dark Phoenix [part 33] (Friday Fiction)

This week's Friday Fiction his hosted by Laury "Hally" Hubrich @ her pretty blog, His Mercies are New. Click here to read and share more great fiction!

Author's Ramblings: This week...I'm rushing again. LOL. Big surprise there, but finals are over! Thanks to all who prayed and supported me during this past week/semester. Whew! It's been a long one. Thankfully, I'll have some time to breathe with summer coming up. This week's installment is really short--and I do mean short, as in under 1,000 words short. Apologies, it's mostly dialogue, but I'm off to finish the last legs of a busy week--and by next week, should have our wonderful heroes in Pietrasaan! Yay! Happy reading and have a great weekend--don't forget to leave a comment, I truly love hearing from y'all! ^_^ (Oh, and if you haven't voted in the poll on the sidebar yet, please take a moment to do so! I'll be happily writing away this summer--and I'd love to know what you want to read. So far, a new serial has the most votes... :-) so if you disagree, now would be a great time to let your voice be heard. There are 14 days left in the poll!)

RECAP: Last week, after reviving his apprentice and extracting a confusing explanation, the DP and Eira immediately set off towards the city of Pietrasaan, nestled in the jungle mountains, under the authority of the notorious Queen of the Rangana. Deene has been dispatched to run a few errands for the DP and retrieve Eira's League files. 

Walking took forever.

At least, that was the only thing that Eira counted. She was tired and somewhat hungry when the Dark Phoenix allowed a short break. Instead of retiring to a clearing, he simply paused in the middle of the trail and mentioned for her to take a moment to breathe.

“Are we there yet?” Eira sprawled flat out on the ground, preferring the dusty pathway to the greenery lining the edges. “And when are you going to fix my disguise? Are we going to stop to eat?”

“You’re not hungry.” He settled beneath a tree, drawing an exceptionally long knife from his boot. “We’re not there yet and I will fix it. Later.”

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Restrictions (BBT)

It's Thursday! Time for BBT. And since I missed last week's question, I'll do it this week. ^_^ Hope you're having a great week-it's about over and I've just got one more day of finals. Whew! Almost there...

God comes to you and tells you that, from this day forward, you may only read ONE type of book–one genre–period, but you get to choose what it is. Classics, Science-Fiction, Mystery, Romance, Cookbooks, History, Business … you can choose, but you only get ONE.
What genre do you pick, and why?

MYSTERY! That is the ultimate genre...a little of everything inside. There can be all kinds of mysteries...besides, it's my favorite. ^_^ 

It’s Earth Day … what are you reading? Are your reading habits changing for the sake of the environment? What are you doing for the sake of the planet today?

Um, currently...nothing. LOL. It's finals week. I'm allowed. Unless you want me to count Shakespeare's Hamlet... Hmmm, reading habits don't really change for me. I just read whatever's there and when I'm done, I'm done. E-books have entered into my reading sphere, thanks to the sony e-reader software and I have lots of the google-scanned classics, fun stuff by my favorite Frances Hodgeson Burnett, so it's been fun and I suppose it's saving paper, so maybe it's doing some good for the environment. LOL. Oh-and I try not to read at night, so I don't have to use a light. For the sake of the planet? I bought a metal water bottle, it's silver. I like it quite a bit-and it has a black tree imprinted on one side with Isaiah 40:30-31 beneath it, with the tagline "His strength for you". It's a pretty tough bottle too--considering I've dropped it several times already and no dents.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Manic Monday 4.26.2010


If you could write your own bill of rights, what would you include?

Oooh, that would require thought. I'm virtually um...not thinking creatively write, right, I have writing on the brain, but it's for school and not much else. I would include the right to be homeschooled--as in some states they are creating ridiculous laws and issues. True, there are issues with it and some folks aren't really 'qualified' in the sense to teach according to standard curriculum, but seriously--how many true homeschoolers do you know? They usually come from fairly 'culturized' families, used to different foods, languages and often with an amazing capacity to learn with excellent artistic and communication skills. Folks in Germany who wish to homeschool their children have come to the USA...and yet there are places trying to get rid of it. Seriously?....*sigh* touchy subject, I'll leave it be. >_>

What is going on in the world today that affects you the most? 

Gas prices. Yes. I drive a lot--gas is costly for a college student. It means skipping little things that you want sometimes. Also, the current war--people slap labels on other people without checking facts. As in, do not ask me stupid questions. I will very "smartly" give you a stupid answer. >_>

What do you think is the secret to a good life?

Breathe. Just breathe. Then open your eyes, smile and start writing. Don't stop. Life will sort itself out.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Hunt For The Dark Phoenix (part 32) [Friday Fiction ]

This week's Friday Fiction is hosted by Julie A. @ her blog, The Surrendered Scribe. Click here to read and share more great fiction!

Author's Ramblings: This week's installment is really rough--I have been asked to post it anyway(This one's for you, Brit, I won't skip this week on your account! Thanks for the encouragement! :-) so, please excuse my lack of detail and other nitpicks. I've only read it over once and am posting it as is, because of the Western Lit Papers I must finish writing. *sigh* Friday Fiction is SO much more enjoyable than homework, but alas, both must be done and finished today. So, as my finals start up--here's something to tide you over until I can get a chance to really work on this story. I've tried to swap POV's a bit, to see a little from the DP's side and then from Eira's. Happy reading and have a great weekend! Enjoy! 

RECAP: Last week, Eira awoke to discover two familiar strangers from her past, bent to taking her back to a nightmare. She fought them off only to lose consciousness, leaving her open and vulnerable in the jungle clearing. Deene arrives to see what's going on, as Eira's mental cry for help summons the Dark Phoenix from the depths of the jungle.

“Thank you, Muribus.” The Dark Phoenix tilted his head towards the jungle chief. “I do appreciate your help. I do not like the feeling that is traveling with us at this time. It’s as if something is…hunting….”

“Have you filtered the intent?”

“Harmful intent.” The words were spoken quietly. “I don’t like it.”

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fruit-Loop Hunting

A friend of mine recently commented on how everything in life must be simple for me--I wake up and have an adventure, then continue on with life as normal.

I had to laugh. Adventure is right--but it usually doesn't stop right there. I just have a habit of not quite doing everything in order when it comes to normal, everyday tasks. But, I've decided to post this as a reminder that that sometimes we do little things we don't understand--and it's okay. i.e. fruit-loop hunting (and yes, I spell it Fruit not Froot).

Subtitled: How to confuse yourself in the morning---or afternoon--and how to be sure you
are awake.

Go to kitchen.

Decide on breakfast.

Choose cereal. Cereal is easier.

Realize that all the cereal boxes look alike from the side with the nutrition
facts. All boxes are white at this time of the day.

Find bowl.

Find spoon.

Spoon doesn't match.

Switch spoon.

Feel proud of yourself for noticing the details.

Pour fruit loops in bowl. Smile. Pour corn flakes in bowl.

Forget to smile.

neatly pack up both boxes on shelf.


Sit down to check email.

Take spoon and bowl, put near PC.

Begin to eat.

Realize you need milk.

Can't remember whether there is milk in fridge or not.

Think about it.

Eat cereal dry.

Realize you are picking fruit loops out of the cornflakes.

Stare at cereal bowl.

Decide to eat the fruit loops out of the cornflakes.

Wonder if you're really awake.

Fruit-loop hunting is scarce. Decide it's time to drown them in milk.

Eat cornflakes anyway. Find a stray fruit loop. Smile.

Life is normal.

...and that folks, is how Sara usually constructs her breakfast meal AND includes her morning exercise!
(froot-loop hunting...) ^_^

Friday, April 16, 2010

Hunt For The Dark Phoenix (part 31) [Friday Fiction]

This week's Friday Fiction is hosted by Shelley Ledfors @ her blog, The Veil Thins. Click here to read and share more great fiction!

Author's Ramblings: Well, I tried to speed up a bit of the action this week--starting a new layer for next week and of course, some mysteriousness for the weekend and some character development on Eira's part! Finally, a little bit of a glimpse into her head, for a few brief seconds and of course, Deene is in his best form. LOL. Sorry for the short installment, but the semester is drawing to a close with finals and other academic-important stuffits to be taken care of, so happy weekend! Enjoy the read and don't forget to leave a comment. I love all feedback! 

RECAP: Last time, the Dark Phoenix tested a few new points on Eira's powers and taught her to do a "Water Box". He worked her for several day to the point of exhaustion, then left her sleeping to take care of business. Deene was ordered to keep watch from a distance and run patrols, because it appears there is someone-or-something tracking them. 

Deene tried to patrol.

He circled a dozen times, alternating the routes and pausing for bowls of stew in between at the appropriate mealtimes. The apprentice girl was thoroughly exhausted, because she slept through the day, the night and the following day.

Deene couldn’t say that he minded, it was much easier to keep an eye on something that did not move or speak. She simply lay curled up in a little ball on her half of the clearing and didn’t so much as snore while he slurped his stew and scrubbed off his rocky beard.

The patrol covered a mostly rounded route, crossing the stream several times, and checking over the native pathways for a few miles radius. By taking on the morph of a winged gargoyle, this wasn’t as difficult as the foot patrols, because the routes could be easily scanned in a matter of minutes. However, the sizeable shadow on the ground was soon determined to be too obvious, so Deene returned to foot, morphing himself into the skinniest specimen he could manage.

As an oversized, gargantuan stick figure, he blended easily into the trees’ shadows and could quickly cover ground. This soon proved to be an excellent method and challenging enough with the hills and shortcuts. It was a good distraction.

By the fourth day, the patrol was growing stale and the need to sleep was finally beginning to wear on him.
After much deliberation, Deene finally inspected the trees overhanging the clearing and sought a sturdy specimen to give a clear view below. Once settled comfortably on a thick branch, he slouched down enough to keep his balance, and tilted his head back for a nap.

Lightly drawing on his gift, a thin coating of stone spread outward from his body, coating the section of tree where he sat, and also serving as extra sensors for shifts in the atmosphere or tremors of energy. With a wide yawn, he crossed his arms and his left shoulder, whispering the usual words to trick himself awake in an hour’s time.

With that done, the eyelids drooped as the scenery blurred away to a blissful darkness.


Eira woke to the usual pounding headache she’d almost forgotten about. It had started at the end of her training and now it seemed to be squeezing the life of her out through her brain. “Ow.” The word was spoken through parched lips and a dry mouth. She winced, choosing not to voice the second protest.

With some difficulty, she managed to sit up and then to convince her legs to move. They seemed to be weighted, moving only with the assistance of her hands. Slowly licking her lips, Eira reached for her pack, hoping it was where she last remembered.

Memory was as fuzzy as her eyesight at present.

The pack was near and she found the canteen a few painful moments later. The stiffness seemed to be growing worse. The water canteen was clutched between both hands as she drank greedily for a moment, only able to process the fact that she was thirsty and there was water. By the time the rest of herself caught up to speed, Eira was able to move backwards a bit, to rest against a tree.

She was stiff and sore all over for no logical reason she could call to mind. Bracing against the tree, she worked for a moment, focusing to bring all the past memories to the surface.

In those moments, the silence of the clearing caught up to her. A careful look around showed the entire clearing to be empty. There were no men and no black knapsacks.

The pain in her body seemed to concentrate in her head before dropping directly into her stomach. It growled faintly, a reminder of necessity she didn’t care to acknowledge.

She hiccupped.


Her feet scrabbled, trying to coordinate as she struggled to stand up. There was no sign of the Dark Phonenix…or Deene.

Another hiccup.

They wouldn’t leave…he wouldn’t leave…I’m…dreaming? No, not dreaming. This is a nightmare.
Reaching out with her energy, Eira tried to sense the protective dome her master would leave in place. Her energy tentatively snaked out in visible wisps of red from her fingertips, passing easily through the bushes and further outward.

A gasp left her lips and Eira quickly retracted the energy.

There was no dome.

Her feet began to burn and ache, so she bent down to wrestle off the standard issue boots. A moment of bliss came as her toes wiggled happily in the grass, digging into the mud. That was much better.

Her stomach rumbled again, drawing her attention to the lunch pot in the corner of the clearing. It was the only familiar item and further investigation only led to the discovery of a cold pot of bean soup.
Sticking a finger inside, Eira tasted it and then promptly spat on the ground.

Gross—what died in here? She stifled a shudder, backing away from the pot and to her spot near the tree, where she knelt to rummage through her knapsack. Perhaps they’d left a note of some sort.

Soft rustling in the bushes captured her attention and Eira tensed, the knapsack forgotten as she surged to her feet.

“Hello? Who’s there?”

The bushes continued to rustle and a few faint murmurings were heard. Eira hooked the knapsack with her foot and tossed it behind the tree, inching backwards to stay within sight, but feeling the energy coiling up inside her to run.

I hate running.

“Master Phoenix?” She tried, not daring to raise her voice higher than a whisper. If it was him, a whisper was sufficient enough. “Deene?”

There was no answer, but the rustling turned into shuffles and shouts as the greenery parted to let in two well-armed men. Two very familiar, very strong-looking men.

Oh. Snap.

Eira backed away towards the tree, intending to hide behind it when the first man called out.

“Hey kid! Nice to see you again.” He reached back, hauling his partner through the last of the prickly green bushes, one hand resting lightly on the energy whip coiled at his waist.

Not happening. Not happening. SO not happening! Wake up!

Her feet continued to move, carrying her to the opposite side of the clearing, careful to keep distance between them as she avoided the green cat-eyes watching her every move.

Great. Now I remember why I hate him so much. This can't be happening. How did they find me?

“We’ve had to tromp through this wretched forest in search of your pathetic genius.” The shorter of the two scowled, the expression more horrific with the pale pink scar that slashed from his eye to his neck. “So do us a favor and don’t run, all right? We all know how this is going to end.”

“Glad you got rid of those pesky bodyguards of yours though.” The tall blond snorted. “I don’t care to bargain with the fancy and famous.” He snapped the whip open, a length of crackling white and blue energy. “This will all be over in a few minutes and life will be back to normal for you.”

 “My life is never normal!” Eira rasped out. “And stay away from me!” A shudder ran through her. She could remember the taste of that whip. It hurt. Bad.

“Scary words from a spoiled brat. I’m terrified.” The glared deepened. “Fine. Have it your way. I don't feel up to polite conversation, so you'll excuse us, if we're in a bit of a hurry. Brin?”

“Right.” Brin shuffled forward, hands out to the sides, eyes wary. “C’mon, Eira, it’s us…you don’t have to do anything. This will all be over in a minute. You know what you really-”

“I'm not leaving and I’m not going with you.” Eira slowly settled into a defensive stance. “Go back and tell him that I’m not his pet anymore.” Her feet itched and she slowly moved in a small circle. “You know me, Brin…and so does Collin. It's me. Please? Tell him this for me?”

“It doesn’t have to be this way.” Collin said, smoothly, moving towards the left as Brin circled towards the right. "Begging won’t help, save it, you'll want the a good excuse this time. Did you really think you could stay hidden forever? We can’t leave you here—even if we wanted to—which, I don’t want to. I’m sick of these woods and I wager Brin hates ‘em more than I do. If I have to drag your-”

“Then leave.” Eira shifted forward, closer to them, again moving in a slight circle, stopping between them, her toes digging into the ground again. “No one is making you stay here. ”

“The same no one that won’t let us back home-?” Brin growled. “Got a life you know. Wife…kids.” From over his shoulder, he casually slid the shoulder ammunition belt over his head, hefting it in his hands. “Haven't seen them for a few months. Been tracking you. Missed a birthday. Excuse me if I'm feeling like Collin today. You're coming with us, even if I have to chase you down and-”

“I’m not leaving.” Her voice wobbled and Eira darted another glance around the clearing. There was still no Dark Phoenix or Deene. Her feet began to burn, the energy in her stomach trickling down through her legs and into her feet.

I can't believe it. He sent them after me. Still. After all this time...I can't believe it. No. I can believe it. I hate him. This is so unfair. I have a right to my own life and my own choices. I'm not a kid. I did not come this far just to be dragged back to his lair as if I'm some runaway slave that he paid too much for.  Her hands curled into fists. I am NOT going quietly. I am not going at all. I'm sick of being nice to people. I won't give this up!

“I don’t want to…hurt you. Any of you…please, just go!” Eira lifted her head, tilting it to the side. She'd fought them before and lost. But this was different. She had more to lose.

“Don’t want to hurt us? Well, that’s awfully considerate of you, E.” Collin smirked. “Seeing as the only way you could cause trouble would be if we returned empty handed! Do you know what would happen then?”

“I’d be happy to tell you.” Brin began to thread the ammunition into a rifle that had seemingly appeared from nowhere. "I also don't mind mentioning what's going to happen when you get back. See, we've been hearing all about it every time the check-in calls come and we don't have your little face to plaster on the screen."

Eira swallowed.
Not again. I can’t fall for this again. I can’t go back! It's just a gun. It can't hurt me. It can't hurt...much. I can do this. Brin doesn't know what happens. He's just doing his job. Just doing his job. Just doing his job and his job is WRONG! How can he be so dense! He doesn't even care! He doesn't even know what I'm capable of....capable. I am capable. I'm tired of pretending to be stupid. Pity...for them.

“Just go to Collin and this will all be over with.” He cocked the rifle. “Run…and you know I will shoot.”

“I’m not running.” Eira heard herself say. “I’m tired of running.”

Tired of listening to your stupid speech too. I thought we were skipping polite conversation! You can't shoot me. I move too fast. You're slow...and clumsy...without Collin's directions. I'll have to take out Collin first. Lucky him. Lucky me. least he's tall. That helps. I can duck around him. I just have to get them out of here...or stuck here, then I can get out of here. I will always run away from this...them...this isn't my destiny. And this is a game that two can play. I'm tired of sitting on the sidelines. I can play this better than them.

“Good. Then stay put. That works too.” Collin tested the whip with a flick of his wrist. It snapped a few mere inches in front of Eira’s face.

She flinched. The memories in her head were talking now.

Mom...she always talked about the whisper people...I can use them for...yeah. I don't have to be whisper...I just have to be...related to one. I can't...oh man. If Master Phoenix shows up...this could be bad. I can't let him talk to them. I need to get them out of here. The whisper people always help children from whisper families. They should help me. They will help me! I know the words...I know the words to say. They should have left me alone. They should have gone away. They shouldn't work for him.  

“Leave me alone!” Eira charged forward, aiming for his waist and sliding to the ground, as she dodged around him, tracing another circle with her feet. It was smaller than the other circles, but just as effective. Everywhere her feet touched, a flickering ghostly footprint was left behind. She heard Brin's gasp and his fingers fumble before he swore. She'd surprised him.

Serves him right. She smirked. I'm not the little spoiled brat that they think I am. I'm not giving up without a fight this time. I am stronger. I have always been stronger. I can use Collin as a barrier...he won't shoot him, but if I'm quick enough, it won't matter. All I need is for him to stand in one of the circles. He'll wish that-

“Per nan-ka evannio!” The words left her lips as she dodged away, pulling free from the hand on her wrist. Collin had caught hold of her, but the angry lines of red energy traveling up her arms, made him release her with a scream.

That's right! Play with fire and burn. You will never touch me again! She almost laughed, watching him writhe in pain, the energy whip falling to the ground. Now you know what it feels like! Next time...maybe I'll make it permanent. You're just lucky I don't know how. There won't be a next time. I should take your precious little's probably got a tracer on it. I don't need more headaches! You're the reason my head keeps hurting! ALL THE TIME! You won't track me again. He shouldn't have sent you. He shouldn't have sent Brin. He shouldn't have sent two...two is child's play...and I'm having fun!.

A white circlet of light sprang up into an energy tube, trapping Collins inside. Brin dodged to the side to avoid her next lunge, the rifle whined as the energy coursed through it and Eira whirled around to face him, her eyes burning with bright red energy.

“Nan-ka, nan-ka!” She hissed. “Per nan-ka evannio!”

An invisible hand pushed the second brute backwards, effectively trapping him in another white energy tube—just like Collin.

Her hair swirled up behind her, the short strands poking at her ears and face, while her temper rose to usable proportions. The white fire was flowing from the ground, working up until she couldn’t see the men trapped inside the tubes.

The redness crackling at her fingertips was pure anger in its rawest form. Eira moved to stand between them, they were close enough that she could brace one hand on each tube. She reached one hand out towards Collin, feeling a satisfied hiss as the red energy grabbed at his throat and he struggled to pull it free. He couldn't scream, one patch of red energy fastened over his mouth, saw to that particular detail. This would hurt for a very long time. Eira rolled her head to the side. Her head was clear, no headaches, her mind quick.

Now for Brin! Wait...oh, real smart, Eira. I can’t do this….can’t use my own power…its traceable! I should have known that. Lucky Brin...I guess I'll just have to let him go...I should know how to do this so they can't trace it back. I've seen Mom do this before...with the men from the…I should…Mom used to say something...ugh! Why can't I remember what she says? It's something simple I remember.

The memory was clearer now and Eira drew on the whiteness pouring out from her feet to summon the unseen below in the realms of Whisper.

In twos, they appeared, wispy, white figures, with faces too abstract to focus on and swirling white costumes with glittering silver and gold. One fellow stood out form the pairs, and moved forward to speak with the one who had summoned them. He wore a black headdress, covering his face, except for grey eyes, white symbols visible on top of his feet as he advanced.

“You requested our assistance, child?”

“Take them away.” Eira choked back a hysterical laugh. “Take them back where they belong. I don’t want to see them again…take them…through…”

Take them through where? I can’t…kill them…that wouldn’t be right. I don’t think that would be right. I'm not monsters like they are! But I can’t let them go and ruin everything…I can’t give this up. I need to be here. I need to find Master Phoenix again. I need to get away...they need to be...they need to forget. Brin needs to forget. Collin won't bother me again. He won't bother anyone again. I know He'll see to that, but Brin...I can't risk it with...unless I send them through the bad place...they leave me no choice!

“Take them through the darkness. Make sure they remember.” Eira spoke as calmly as she could, crossing her toes to give her mind something to focus on.

“As you wish.” The masked man murmured. He bowed to her and turned towards the two captive men. There was a faint, white hum and with a brilliant flash, everything disappeared.

Eira couldn’t close her eyes in time and she gave a cry, crumpling to the ground as her feet gave out beneath her.

Help….Master Phoenix….


Deene yawned, mentally counting the flowers dancing through his head, when the first tremor registered. It was annoying enough that he almost opened his eyes, but when he didn’t hear anything convincing enough, he opted to return to the lovely dream.

The second tremor shook the branches more deliberately than the first and he groggily sat up, wondering exactly what was going on below. Rubbing his eyes open, Deene peered down just in time to see a brilliant flash of white.

It was enough of a surprise that he lost his balance and crashed through the tree branches, to land solidly on the ground.

“Ow.” He growled, painstakingly unfolding himself from the earthen dent. His quick assessment of the situation bred feelings of despair as he took in the crumpled apprentice, three scorched circles in the grass and a tipped over pot of soup. “Aw man!”

He sat back on the ground with a heavy thump. This was going to be bad.


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Bloggy Updates!

Hi everyone!

Just a quick note to let y'all know that I haven't disappeared from the bloggy world. Granted, just my Friday Fiction posts have been appearing for awhile, with the occasional meme popping up, but I'm still here! On the bright side, my wonderful excuse is that the semester is about over and I'm doing my best--so that takes out a chunk of time from extra stuff. Apologies if this post is a tad all over the place, my brain is buried in ancient epic poetry and deciphering the mysteries of music.

On top of that, this month is also Script Frenzy and I've been script writing vs. blogging on my weekends--hence the lack of consistency. The current page count is 57 and hopefully up into the 70's by this weekend. The title is "Hidden Dreams" and is currently the first script without an obvious fantasy-supernatural tint to it. A little harder to work with, but a good challenge, which is what I love.

Updates for my Bible-reading project, I am right on course--currently a few passages in Deut. and Psalms have new meaning this time around. The mini-devotions at the end have been giving me something to think about every day, and I am enjoying the experience quite a bit. It was also much easier to read with the numbers as 100's instead of "hundreds" which really gives a sense of awesomeness to the size in that time period. A lot of people, a lot of specific instructions--a new way to see it. 

Current random thoughts: I need more time to type up what I write. Didn't eat a Cadbury chocolate egg this year *sigh* and also bought my first pack of sidewalk chalk.  ^_^


Which End? (BBT)

In general, do you prefer the beginnings of stories or the ends? 

Personally, I like both. I know...I know... a cop out. LOL. But seriously, I like skipping the middle when it's something I've read before. I like to see how far apart and different things were from the start and then how it all matches up just right in the end. I love to reread the ends of books from my fave authors, so I suppose my actual answer is--ends!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Soul Writer (Friday Fiction)

This week's Friday Fiction is hosted by Joanne "JJ" Sher @ her blog, An Open Book. Click here to read and share more great fiction!

Author's Ramblings: Hi everyone! Eira and the Dark Phoenix are taking a break this week. I haven't been able to spare the time to write a decent installment with all the school "stuff" this week, so please accept my apology and dive into this temporary piece until next week. It's got plenty of emotion and a sliver of darkness, sprinkled with hope--a rainbow fire. ^_^ I wrote this piece three years ago and couldn't do it justice. It appeared as a Faithwriter Challenge awhile back. While it still is not what I want it to be, it's been on my mind for awhile, so I've expanded it a bit and tried to explain the heart of my "Soul Writer". Enjoy! Please leave a comment or a question, I love the feedback--happy weekend! 

The wooden sign rattled from in the clutches of the iron arm that hung the shingle over the doorway. I scowled at it from behind the dingy, soot-covered window that allowed the few shafts of light into my meticulous office. It proudly declared our services, touting exceptional gravestones, monuments and the sentence I hated the most was last—“Resident Soul Writer Within”.

My talent had now become a commodity. I stabbed my fingers at the keyboard, finding some pleasure in the clacking keys and none in my current commission. Today was a perfectly wretched day—even the sky was dark, the mirror to my present mood.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Plotting (BBT)

Plots? Or Stream-of-Consciousness? Which would you rather read?

Ideally, a mix of both is great, but in the absence of such balance, I would choose SOC. I love getting directly into the head of any character, it is my favorite POV when writing/exploring a new idea and having the deeper 'character connection' adding a deeper dimension to the story. Plot is good too though, so I suppose I ought to say, SOC with a good plot somewhere in it!  ^_^


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mozart's Muse (Wednesday Wanderings)

Author's Ramblings: And another day of Wednesday Wanderings! (and yes, still no button. Too much homework on the weekend.>_>) This week, I am posting a new short story written this semester as part of a pet project during my music appreciation class. It is a short, featuring Mozart and his muse and is immediately after a short time trip to the future. A historical note must be added--it was said that Mozart never changed any of his music after having written them. Recently, it is said to have come to light, that this was not true and notes have been found among Mozart's things, proving this. However, I chose to highlight the detail in honor of his musical genius and have chosen not to alter the story after hearing this news.The official disclaimer is below--enjoy! ^_^

DISCLAIMER: A Fictional Short of a possible conversation between Mozart and his Muse discussing his 23rd Piano Concerto after traveling briefly to the future to hear the rendition of Chick Corea and Bobby McFerrin. All material, ideas and suggestions within are solely for entertainment purposes and not intended to serve any other purpose. The above author retains all rights. © S. H
 For The Sake of A-MUSE-ment : A Musical Muse Episode #1

“Well? What did you think of it?” The Muse demanded, standing on tip-toe to see over the shoulder of his armchair and around to the pensive face of the man occupying it, in some hopes to read into the expression plastered across it.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Manic Monday 4.5.2010


What are you grateful for today?

Home and peace and quiet. I am amazed at how quiet noisy people can be. (Yes, that is meant to be exactly the way it's written).

What's missing in your life?

Relaxation. A spot of time (or tea!) where there is no stress added to life's cocktail.

Has the conflict and harm religion has caused outweighed the good it has produced?

That's a weird question--because the answer is "DUH". Yes. Of course it has. In so many ways, I could drag this post out forever, even today, the way it has worked out where I was able to get sensible help and advice in regards to a particular question. But I have homework, so I won't. You're spared. :P

P.S. Screnzy has started! I'm having fun so far (well, as much as I can with the writing strictly confined to weekends. *sigh* School first.) and the current page count is....12!

Cheerio! ^_^

Friday, April 2, 2010

Hunt For The Dark Phoenix (part 30) [Friday Fiction]

This week's Friday Fiction is hosted by Karlene "KJ" Jacobsen @ her blog, Homespun Expressions. Click here to read and share more great fiction!

Author's Note: A bit of a rush again this week, but at least on time, how's that? LOL. Hints of the action coming up as promised and we've got a new layer to the mystery around Deene and Eira. I tried to keep this installment short, so Happy Easter! Have a great weekend and don't forget to leave a comment, I love feedback!

RECAP: Last week, the DP worked with Eira on a particular move titled, the Water Box and further exploration of her water powers. Time passes quickly, bringing them to the present. 

Passage of time was something Eira decided she wasn’t ever going to be good at. She lost track of time and nearly everything else as the lights around her faded and returned, a lightshow background she couldn’t enjoy.

They worked on her ‘water sports’ as the Dark Phoenix had dubbed it and she learned, by pure luck, how to form the Water Box for all practical purposes, a invisibility orb for use in the water box and out, along with channeling her rage when it came to being dunked.

The lessons were short, quick and to the point.

The practicing of them were long, painful and occasionally rather embarrassing.

Eira sound found herself taking note of the little quirks the Dark Phoenix kept around him, while developing a new perspective in regard to his unpredictable personality. There was very little she could do or say that seemed to surprise him, except for her occasional moments of hesitation when he could clearly see past them.

He was surprisingly more tolerant of her grumblings and muttering while she worked, than she could ever recall before. He was also more relaxed, moving with ease and grace lending another facet to his terrifying reputation, instead of the legend of sheer brute force. She was just beginning to see him in a different light altogether when he dunked her again for a misjudged block. “More to your left and less to your right.” He explained, while she shook the water from her hair and resisted the urge to kick him.

It didn’t work very well, but the dunking for being off kilter wasn’t minded as much as Eira surfaced, surprised to find herself laughing. The sound was strange, even to her own ears. His eyes seemed to laugh with her, even though the smile didn’t quite reach his mouth.

“I think we are through for now.” He announced, spinning her around and giving a push towards the riverbank. “Up and out you go.” He disappeared beneath the water, surfacing a moment later with the golden circlet in hand. “I trust you can do the reverse?” The water rose to a small fountain, lifting him to the riverbank so he could step onto dry land.

“Show off.” Eira flopped on the grass, staring up at the edge of the trees into the pale blue sky. It was much paler than the water and she tucked the thought away for later examination, attempting to focus on the meaning behind her master’s words. Her mind had grown accustomed to his questions without explanations and this was merely another example.

He spun the circlet in hands, albeit a tad impatiently.

“Just a sec…I wanna get this.” Eira sat up, grimacing at the dry pieces of grass, clinging to her wet outfit. A silly smile plastered itself across her face. “Dryness!” She crowed. “I can do the water box…on land…reversed…and it will be…dry?” That was the best she could explain the gibberish in her head. She reached for the towel left on the bank and shook it out, puzzling over the twigs and stiffness of it, before rubbing it briskly over her wet clothes.

He tossed her the circlet as she wadded up the towel under one arm. “Wonderful. I do believe we are actually making progress. Yes, it works very much in the reverse, however we do not call it a Water Box when we are on land.” His mouth twitched. “I do believe that also was covered in your assigned reading…you did do your homework, did you not?”

“The reading is boring.” Eira yawned, lazily trotting after him back to the clearing. “No likey, makes my head hurt.” It was much easier to randomly speak after their constant company for such an extended period of time, especially since he didn’t seem keen on correcting her slang. “Am I, like, going to flunk if I don’t do my homework? I mean, is it possible?”

“The reading is not boring unless you are daydreaming, there is a great deal to be learned from those pages and I do expect you to read them, because it will probably do a much better job of explaining, since you think my manner of speech leaves much to be desired in terms of your modern-”

“You’re doing it again.” Eira fell into step beside him, feeling another yawn coming on. “Okay, fine. I’ll read…but seriously…will I flunk?”

“You will have a grade reported, yes and it will be on your record, yes, and I suppose you could flunk, but there are examinations one takes before and after their apprenticeship. The assignments I’ve given you are in preparation for the exams you will have to take before you are officially accepted as my apprentice.”

There was a squeak and Eira tried to turn it into a cough. “Exam? When?”

“There is no hurry to take them, it is only done after the first six months of instruction, to assess that you are learning something, the preliminary exams will be given…oh, I don’t know, perhaps in the next major town? Pietrasaan is lovely, but I would rather you took the test elsewhere. You will have at least a week before we reache Pietrasaan.” He frowned, thoughtfully. “And I suppose I could allow another week’s warning before we reach an official city, so you could have a chance for review, but it is not a test that you can flunk, however, I would be extremely disappointed if your score was not at least, above average. Your mind is fascinating in the way it stores information, I imagine the exams would be quite easy for you, as long as your homework is completed.”

Eira swallowed. “Tests. Exams. Can’t flunk. Right.” She shook her head. “I’m not really that smart, but thanks for the vote of confidence.”

“Who told you that?”


“Who told you that you were not as intelligent as you appear?”

“Could we not go there right now?”

“Where would you rather-”

“Let’s do the water box thingy that isn’t the water box thingy.”

“The correct term is Sand Box.” Deene’s sullen voice reached their ears as they entered the clearing. He was sitting on the far corner, his book open in his lap, his face paler than ever, his pack beside him as a cushion.
“And I have tried not to interrupt, but please, Master Phoenix-” He gestured towards a large pile of kindling and a few furry mounds. “It has been quite some time and…I am not one tenth of the cook you are.”

Eira gaped at him for a minute, then back at the Dark Phoenix. Her stomach seemed fine, in spite of all the work and energy used. She frowned, another yawn coming on. There had to be something in the air, because the drowsiness was sliding over her like a thick, slimy substance. Her feeble protest was another attempt to swallow the yawn following the first.

“Sleep.” The Dark Phoenix gently pushed her in the direction of her pack across the clearing, next to his own. “I will wake you when the food is done.”

“Not really sleepy.” Eira mumbled, more for Deene’s benefit than anything else, because she was already heading for the comfortable spot she’d hollowed out for herself at the base of the tree. “Not really hungry either.” But the first statement proved false as she caught hold of her cloak, wadding it into a bundle for a pillow, curling up comfortably for the nap she’d been dreaming of. The towel and the circlet lay beside her, one hand still resting on the bundle.


“Nine days, sir?” The respectful tone was barely there in Deene’s voice, evidenced only by the title attached to the phrase. “Over an entire week? Wasn’t that pushing things?”

“I would have preferred an even ten, but I did not think it was entirely fair to you, since, as you so eloquently put it, your culinary skills are lacking.” The Dark Phoenix retorted. “And I would expect to be a better judge of her limits than yourself.”

“She’s dead on her feet!” Deene snarled. “And sparking off energy all over the place? Couldn’t you feel it? It was choking me! How could you-? She can’t even-! All that time-!”

“And she was entirely unaware of the passage of time.” The Dark Phoenix said, smoothly. “I could have easily divided that time between the both of you, except for the fact that she is my apprentice and you are not. I do believe I left enough for you to amuse yourself.”

Deene growled, the sound deep in his throat, more menacing when accompanied by the darkened expression carved into his stone face. “Not nearly enough.”

“Ah, perhaps next time both arms and ears?”

The darkness lifted a fraction and the figure hulked over in stone, the book disappearing between the great stone legs. “I am sorry.” He grated, even though it did not sound as sincere as it could have been. “The reading was enough…and it was refreshing to stretch my legs a bit.”

“Ah.” The eyebrows went up and after a moment, the Dark Phoenix nodded. “It is your choice entirely to travel with us and mine to decide whether you should stay. I am allowing you to stay at present because it suits my purposes, I expect you to be worthy and responsible of this favor.”

A set of stone spikes sprouted from his shoulder blades, working up to a mohawk on his squared head. “I am trying-”

“You are not.”

“That isn’t fair!”

“I do not recall saying I would be fair.”

The growl of frustration brought a tremor to the clearing as Deene’s eyes flared white and then black. “I hate her!”

“And your point is?”

The frustrated growl turned to a painful, agonizing moan of stones being slowly rubbed together. “She’s clueless and weak! You don’t even know where she comes from. That energy…that red stuff…don’t you see it? Don’t you know what she is? What she could be? She doesn’t even know what she can do and she’s absolutely no-”

“Point.” The Dark Phoenix allowed, rising from his position near the now flickering fire and filled lunch pot. “I believe it is called the benefit of the doubt and it is entirely hers as it was yours from our first meeting. You were also unaware of your own limitation and capabilities.” He crossed the clearing and gently retrieved Eira’s pack from the ground beside her. Opening the flap, he rifled through the contents, a thoughtful expression on his face as he removed each item and set it beside him.

“What are you looking for?”

“Nothing in particular.”

“She’d pitch a fit if she saw that.” Deene said, sourly.

“And you would not?”

“Of course not!”

“Good. Because I already went through yours.”

Deen stiffened at once. “Really? When?”

“Yes. It was enlightening. The when is of no consequence, you already know that. You have known me long enough to remember such a detail.”

“O-of course.” He licked his lips. “Enlightening…how?”

“Would you mind explaining how you acquired a Golbard Dagger without a sheath?”

“It’s mine.” The scowl returned. “It belongs to me.”

“Apparently, since it is now in your possession, but I am more curious as to where you obtained the item?”

“It was a gift.”

“Was a gift…curious. Past tense. Gifted to you from…?”    

“Must you really-”

“I can guess if you like, but I know you would prefer to tell me on your own.”

Deene scowled. “The Fereks. There was a bit of a…problem…and I stepped in to help, in exchange for…something. They took my help and promised me that, but when the time came to present it, they didn’t really want to, so I took it before I left. End of story.”

“I thought your mother looked after the Fereks. Wasn't their tribe under her protection?"

"Only when it suits her."

"And you helped of your own accord?"

"Not that surprising."

"True...the knife, you took it?”

“It was rightfully mine!”

“But you took it?”

“Yes.” The words were pushed through stone teeth, grinding together to give off a slight powder.

“And there was no sheath?”


“You took it yourself, yes? When you did so, was there not a sheath to accompany it? Golbard always include some sort of kit and proper wrappings for any weapon crafted by their gifted ones.”

“There wasn’t a sheath.” Deene scowled. “Is that bad?”

“Sort of.” The Dark Phoenix shrugged. “You see, most Golbard weaponry is registered to their legal owner, unless otherwise stated…this can be changed only when both halves of the set are together, namely, the weapon and the sheath. They have a protective mark upon them, which is altered when the two halves are combined.” He paused. “I am curious how someone managed to misplace such a beautiful knife…and conveniently forget how to retrieve it.”

“What are you saying?”

“Haven’t you felt them?”

Deene darted a glance over his shoulder, the eyes moving faster than the giant stone head swiveling to catch up with the rest of him. “I thought I imagined it for awhile, but it faded when you sent me in the opposite direction.”

“I was afraid of that.”


“They have tracked her since her arrival on Vanderoone. I do not like it.”

“Since the city limits?” The stone features scrunched together. “That isn’t right. That can’t be.”

“I am never wrong…not in these things.” The Dark Phoenix finally turned the entire pack upside down and shook it.

“Was the knife…branded?”

“No…and I have taken the liberty of confining its energy signal to your pack. Unless you use it, it does not exist at the moment.”

Deene swallowed. “Thanks.”

“You are welcome.”

“Was there anything else…in there?”

“Your father is tracking you with the bug attached to the left corner and your mother sent you a nighttime note.”

There was a rumbling sound from the rock titan’s throat and Deene finally choked out another feeble word of thanks.

“Which means that the tracers giving away our position, must be Eira’s.”

“Who’d want to track  her?” He scoffed. “She’s just a-”

“How many did you guess?”

“…about three? Hard to say.”

“I say…two.” The Dark Phoenix slowly repacked the contents in the pack and waved his hand over it afterwards. There was a flare of white-ish grey energy before a faint mark sank into the protective fabric. “I am also curious as to why they are after her, because no other solution is logical.”


“Do not stress your brain over it, I would much more prefer for you to make yourself useful.”

“Doing what?”

“Patrols.” The Dark Phoenix surged to his feet. “I also have some business to conduct with the Tribal Elders at the mid-season commune-”


“I did not even-”

“No. Way.”

“She will not even realize you are here.”

“I don’t care! I don’t want to babysit her!”

“You would not be babysitting…merely keeping an eye on her from afar. I will back before she wakes and…I would prefer that you run patrols in the meantime. Track. Hunt. And if you find the hunters, then you know how to reach me.”

Deene growled.

“And you will have breakfast, lunch and dinner precisely on schedule, until my return.”

There was a pained moan from the dejected rock heap. “Bribery.” He said, mournfully. “The worst form of bribery.”

“It is working, is it not?” The Dark Phoenix snagged a plate and filled it with stew from the pot.

“Of course.” Deene sighed, accepting the plate. “It always does.”

“Circle forwards and backwards. Keep an eye on her in the clearing if she wakes before I return. She should not venture far. Do not engage her in conversation.”

“I’m not going to yell at her.”

“It is not her I am concerned for.” With a half-smile, the Dark Phoenix whisked his cloak around his shoulders, drawing the hood up. “I will be back as soon as I possibly can.”

© Sara Harricharan