Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bloggy Updates!

Hi everyone!

Just a quick note to let y'all know that I haven't disappeared from the bloggy world. Granted, just my Friday Fiction posts have been appearing for awhile, with the occasional meme popping up, but I'm still here! On the bright side, my wonderful excuse is that the semester is about over and I'm doing my best--so that takes out a chunk of time from extra stuff. Apologies if this post is a tad all over the place, my brain is buried in ancient epic poetry and deciphering the mysteries of music.

On top of that, this month is also Script Frenzy and I've been script writing vs. blogging on my weekends--hence the lack of consistency. The current page count is 57 and hopefully up into the 70's by this weekend. The title is "Hidden Dreams" and is currently the first script without an obvious fantasy-supernatural tint to it. A little harder to work with, but a good challenge, which is what I love.

Updates for my Bible-reading project, I am right on course--currently a few passages in Deut. and Psalms have new meaning this time around. The mini-devotions at the end have been giving me something to think about every day, and I am enjoying the experience quite a bit. It was also much easier to read with the numbers as 100's instead of "hundreds" which really gives a sense of awesomeness to the size in that time period. A lot of people, a lot of specific instructions--a new way to see it. 

Current random thoughts: I need more time to type up what I write. Didn't eat a Cadbury chocolate egg this year *sigh* and also bought my first pack of sidewalk chalk.  ^_^