Monday, April 5, 2010

Manic Monday 4.5.2010


What are you grateful for today?

Home and peace and quiet. I am amazed at how quiet noisy people can be. (Yes, that is meant to be exactly the way it's written).

What's missing in your life?

Relaxation. A spot of time (or tea!) where there is no stress added to life's cocktail.

Has the conflict and harm religion has caused outweighed the good it has produced?

That's a weird question--because the answer is "DUH". Yes. Of course it has. In so many ways, I could drag this post out forever, even today, the way it has worked out where I was able to get sensible help and advice in regards to a particular question. But I have homework, so I won't. You're spared. :P

P.S. Screnzy has started! I'm having fun so far (well, as much as I can with the writing strictly confined to weekends. *sigh* School first.) and the current page count is....12!

Cheerio! ^_^