Thursday, July 22, 2010

Podcasts! (BBT)

Do you ever listen to book-related podcasts?
If so, which ones and why? (Include the URLs for people who aren’t familiar with them.)
Or, of course, there’s the flip side … did you even know that such a thing existed? (I ask because I know a lot of people who have no idea what a podcast is.)

Er, yes and no. I do listen to podcasts, most of them are writing related or audio-book style from project gutenburg. I don't have any urls offhand, (if I go searching now, it will be my best moment of procrastination for the day-lolz) but, I like to have something different to listen to when I'm "plugged in", besides music and it's fun to learn something at the same time. A podcast is usually free too and you can carry it on your mp3/ipod anywhere, so it makes it even easier to add variety to what I'm listening to. I like to hear other opinions and different angles, so podcasts help me do that.