Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Bloggy Updates!

And yes, it's more bloggy updates...just because I've been MIA for a bit! I know, I know, my consistency theme doesn't seem to be doing much over here, but it's been hard at work on my fiction blog! The monday meme seems to have died and without a specific excuse-er-reason, I've been skipping over this blog while I rushed through my Dark Phoenix serial @ Fiction Fusion.

Thankfully, it's done! WOOT! I am so thrilled (the shock hasn't fully set in yet!) and excited to have it completed, while the edited version is certainly different from the blog version (it makes more sense, lolz) I'm just happy to have the project completed. If you haven't read it yet, be forewarned, it's about 15k. ^_^ It has taken nearly a whole year and a considerable chunk of creative energy, not to mention the past month has been insane with the several thousand words a day in the past week alone just to bring this to an end. Yikes! Talk me out of it if I start doing that again, okay? 

Originally, I was gearing up to plunge right into another long-winded adventure, but the sudden freedom of having no pressing random fiction deadlines has caught up. It's pure bliss, I tell ya! I'll probably have some free standing fiction bits popping up before I actually get around to a new weekly adventure. Mainly because the final word count of the DP story was 202,538 words and that was for my lack of planning. If I attempt to at least try and plan out this next one, it shouldn't take a whole year to get through and I should be able to easily manage it with my fall schedule coming up.

Now, as some of you want to know, "What did Sara do all summer?" That's an excellent question, I'd kinda like to know the answer myself! ^_^  I've actually been having some fun reading manga and watching some anime, my current favorite happens to be the hilarious sports bit, Prince of Tennis. I highly recommend it, whether you like tennis or not, it's quite fun and pretty clean, considering some of the other cartoon shows on TV today and the manga is very inspiring (you can find the volumes in Borders or on Amazon) It's a great experience!  ~_^

Time has taken a fast train to everywhere and I've been micromanaging and multitasking since the summer has started. With the fall semester is starting up again and I'll be busy buried in deadlines and whatnot, with my usual free time reduced to a mere scrap of breath here and there. I've had a lot of fun this summer, though my writing projects haven't shown up on my blogs, rest assured, they were completed--and I had quite a bit of fun doing them. I am still planning for NaNo 2010-WOOT!- and I am excited already to think of it. In between of that, there are more adventures begging to happen, so you'll probably hear something of them a bit later next month.

My Nancy Drew summer reading project, is going well. I've also recently acquired PC games #18 and #19, currently stuck on the Italian card game, Scopa in #18, but it's been fun! Further summer reading has included the entire Percy Jackson series (it was kinda of "eh" but I haven't got the chance to write a full review) and the "How to Train Your Dragon" in which I will say that the books are far more amusing than the movie was.

As for my Bible-in-a-year project. That is coming along all right as well. I'm very glad to have the daily reading sections and devotions. I've also added another short devotional book to my daily routine, an interesting one titled, My Utmost for His Highest, by Oswald Chambers. It has a verse and short devotional for every single day--with a straight, no nonsense snippet that really makes you think. I'm including a link to their site that features a short thought for the day (like the book). I find it to be highly encouraging and very thought-provoking, take a look if you've got a moment! My Utmost For His Highest Link

And I think that's all my brain can handle at the moment. I've a million and one more things to do today, so cheerio, I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!


Joanne Sher said...

Reading the third book in "How To Train Your Dragon" to Andrew at bedtime right now. Some interesting stuff! Glad you're having fun, sweetie Sawa! Can you believe it's only 16 days until we see each other?? (twirl twirl) Love you!