Saturday, September 18, 2010

1000 Dares

The 1000 Dares challenge is definitely a life experience worth trying. While I'm still journeying through mine, I can tell you that I can't wait to see it all the way through to the end.

This was a dare presented to me by a very good friend(and it is with her permission, that I am sharing her idea) and of course, she managed to loop me into it. The idea was incredibly outrageous, but so wonderful at the same time, that I've decided to share it with whoever would love to try it.

Necessary Items:
1000 something
A way to track your numbers
Someone to keep you on track

To begin, pick 1000 anythings. By anythings, I mean, one thing that you want to do one-thousand times. It can be watching a thousand movies, writing a thousand stories, visiting a thousand restaurants, owning a thousand colored pencils, whatever! It just has to be a single thousand of whatever you feel would inspire you the most, then decide on a way to track your progress (one reason I'm announcing this on a blog is to help with accountability--but a good spreadsheet would work wonders in keeping your numbers straight!). I've also added someone to keep you on track, because guilt trips can be good and so is company. It's addictive to have a long term goal doing something you enjoy and knowing that there is someone to cheer you on, increases the chance of you reaching/finishing and provides encouragement when you need it.

My dare is to write 1000 short stories, from scratch. I cannot count any that I've written before July 2010 and I cannot count poetry. It is not a word count challenge, just a personal goal to write 1000 short stories straight from the mindscape of my random life.

I dare you to try this--you won't be disappointed!

1000 Dares