Sunday, September 26, 2010

22 Books and commentary

This is one of those meme's that was traveling around the facebook world and the blogosphere, so I took a few moments to fill it out this morning and unfortunately, my poor brain has been happily regurgitating all the most memorable titles throughout this entire day. The limit for the meme was 16, but of course, I was still thinking long after then. While my list is longer, I've only gone up to 22. I decided to make a blog post of it and comment on what they are to me. ^_^

((also, on a side note, I made it through a whole week of blogging every single day! Yay! Oh, and if you missed Friday's post, it was actually over at Friday fiction, a continuation of Crooked. I skipped yesterday because I was already asleep by the time I remembered. ^_^ ))

1. The Secret Garden
Ah, this will always be my most favorite classic, I think. I love it to pieces because it seems so special and magical that I read it at least once a year, usually during the fall. I love Mistress Mary (who is not contrary at all) and of course, spoiled little Colin who eventually grows up a bit.

2. The Little Princess
The FMC has the same name as I do and she also loves to tell stories and believes in a 'magic' that is always there, how could I not love it? The riches to rags to riches again is just the right amount of fairy tale and 'classic-ness'. I love Sara and how her perseverance rewards her in the end and the fact that she was able to politely speak her mind to the horrid Miss Minchin. Go Sara!

3. The Westing Game
I've never been able to forget this. Why, I don't know. It's just a fun read and the mystery in it always seems to puzzle me, even if I've read it a dozen times before. I have good memories of my Mom reading it to my brothers and I one afternoon and mistaking the girl's name as purple...instead of Turtle. ^_^

4. Hind's feet in high places
I stumbled across this gem in the local library and then decided it was one of the most awesome books I'd ever read. It was the kind of book I needed to read when I did find it and it has stayed with me ever since. I absolutely love it and I always recommend it.

5. Horse Shy (Bonnie Bryant)
One of the Saddle Club books, while there are definitely more fun and interesting books in the series, this sad one, when Cobalt, pesky Veronica's first horse dies, is stuck in my head. Don't know why. I didn't like reading it at all and have probably never read it more than twice, because it was just too sad and I didn't want to read of Carole giving up on horses because of silly Veronica. >_> (yes, I do get very involved in my books)

6. A Lady of Quality (Burnett)
To date, this remains my most favorite book of Frances Hodgeson Burnett. She is definitely one of my favorite writers and this was one of her best pieces. It steps away from the happy, fluffy genre of children's books into something slightly darker and more mature, but it stays with me because the story is just neat. A girl raised as a boy by a father who didn't want her, just because she was pretty and had a temper--she turns herself into a lady and a pretty decent one at that.

7. The Count of Monte Cristo (Dumas)
This is the only book I have ever read where I loved the movie just a bit more. Mainly because the movie let it be that the mystery son in the end(er, I suppose I ought not to spoil it for anyone...but seriously, read the book and watch the movie. It's good). I love the fact that the count manages to exact revenge upon those who have wronged him in a way that doesn't involve hacking their heads off and also allows him a chance to be a decent gentleman.

8. Hound of the Baskervilles (Sherlock Holmes/Doyle)
My favorite Sherlock Holmes tale! I think the only other one after this, is the mystery of the speckled band. Something about a spooky hound roaming free on the moorland is just the perfect setting for Sherlock Holmes and of course, Dr. Watson to accompany.

9. And Then There were None (Agatha Christie)
Well, in my penchant for mystery readings, I have read pretty much every Agatha Christie. This one was just creepy enough to stay in my head and I can retell it quite well. It's definitely a good mystery book though, I just would say not to read it at night, if you are a true Christie fan.

10. The Beekeeper's apprentice.(Laurie. R. King)
If you loved Sherlock Holmes, then Laurie King brings in a new series that's not too shabby at all. I love the first book and a bit of the second, the rest, not so much, but each tale brings in a different layer and is pretty nicely aligned with Holme's world. The style is about the same as well and I enjoyed seeing Holmes through different eyes. The FMC is wonderfully done.

11. Cast In Secret (Michele Sagara)
Probably one of the first fantasy books I ever read, I remember laughing all the way through this book, even through the poor FMC found herself in WAY too much trouble, it was cute and it was funny. Of course the fact that it was fantasy didn't hurt it either.

12. Page (Tamora Pierce)
I've read just about every Tamora Pierce book and I can't wait for more of her books with Beka Cooper, but Page was book one for the Protector of the Small series and I loved it. She was smart, quick and sassy, to be the first girl in over a decade to attempt training to become a lady knight when the entire court (and the male pages) were against it. One of her best, I think. 

13. The Girl with Silver Eyes
I read part of this when I was about nine or ten and forgot to read the rest until I chased it down recently. However, what I read stuck in my head so deeply that I actually went to the trouble of tracking it down so I could 'rest in peace'. LOL. It was a nice book, and very fun to read. I loved the FMC.

14. Before I Wake (Dee Henderson)
Yes, I am a Dee Henderson fan. I've read almost all of her books and I love the O'Malley series as well. Before I wake is one of her best ones though, it follows through so smoothly, I wish she'd had a sequel to it, I want to see what will happen next. It's a really good read!

15. Diary of a Teenaged Girl : My name is Chloe (Melody Carlson)
This one particular book was an encouraging read to remind me to keep on writing and reading. Chloe is the best girl out of the whole DOATG series (next to Maya, I think) and the very rawness of the emotion packed into this book stays with me. It's powerful with the honesty and transparency and yes, if you don't keep a journal or a diary, it will make you want to. It's that good.  I remember a verse Chloe wrote titled "Rotten Cheerios" about a moldy bowl of cereal left in her room. It's good writing and reading.

16. Dragonspell (Donita K. Paul)
I have to say, I just love this book and this series and the way it was written. It's awesome! The fact that there are dragons involved just makes it more wonderful and the storyline and allegory is wonderful. One of my favorite fantasy reads. 

17.  Eight Cousins
This was a classic I didn't discover until much later and I still enjoy reading it every now and then. I love the fact that Uncle Alec is able to take the poor, sickly little girl and turn her into a wonderful, vibrant young lady that they are all happy to be around. It's awesome.

18. All the Nancy Drew books. 
Specifically, I like 15--the whispering statue, 16-clue of the tapping heels, 25-ghost of blackwood hall and 36--the invisible intruder. I've read them all and I think they are wonderful. Nancy Drew rocks!

19. Here's Lily
The Lily books are the one saving reason I wasn't "turned off" by the "christian" YA books when I was growing up. I had been reading the Mandie books up until that time and growing increasingly frustrated with how ridiculous they seemed to be getting. I loved Lily for being 'relateable' and not 'preachy' or empty-headed.

20. The Three Investigators. 
Yep. I read them all. They were good. I mostly remember them for having a guy named Jupe "Jupiter" that was a stroke of genius on someone's behalf. LOL.

21. The Princess -- Lori Wick. 
One of her best books, I think. I love the fact that there is a princess involved and it is very realistic in terms of real life.

22. He chose me--Max Lucado
A favorite Max Lucado book for me. I'd count it as an awesome read for any teen. I've read it quite a few times and it always leaves something special behind.

I have quite a few other books and I'm sure I could happily go on forever, but, I've a million other things still to do before nightfall. Thanks for reading my rambling thoughts.


Joanne Sher said...

Oh, these ALL sound good. Enjoyed reading this, sweetie.

Abel said...

Yes, very good snippets. Unfortunately I've yet to find time for joy reading. Any suggestions for something light I can squeeze into my free (a.k.a. procrastinating) time?

Sara Harricharan said...

@JJ. ^_^ Thanks, JJ! It was killing me not to "explain" some of my favorite books.

@Abel--oh man. I haven't read anything light or quick for awhile. I usually pick the bigger books and take my time reading through them 'cause I want it to last. I think the quickest thing I've read lately was probably Black Cat Manga, but that wouldn't count as a book, that'd count as manga. >_>

Abel said...

Hmmm, manga's a good suggestion. It'd give me my story fix without drowning me in the time warp that is a great novel. Problem is I didn't bring any, and I'm not sure the school librarian would be too keen to get one for me from another library. I don't even know if they have manga in Wisconsin :/

Sara Harricharan said...

@Abel. Aww, maybe the local library would? Or does your school have an anime club? My Uni does, we can borrow/buy/trade our manga and watch Anime once a week during the meetings, etc. It's fun.

Abel said...

Haha, yeah, not that type of school. Pretty sure if I had manga I'd probably have to hide it under the mattress to keep from having to talk to the Dean (little bit of hyperbole there)

Sara Harricharan said...

@Abel. Heehee. Then, yes, I suppose that would be a problem. I suppose your only other option could be anime, as there are some new ones on hulu at the moment. Can't think of a single short thing to read...