Friday, September 17, 2010

Crooked : A Tale of Adventure (Friday Fiction)

This week's Friday Fiction is hosted by the wonderful Christina Banks @ her blog, With Pen in Hand. Click here to read and share more great fiction.

Author's Ramblings: I've been reading WAY too much literature this week. (thanks a lot for homework, LOL) and of course, my mind has been busy with knights, ladies-in-waiting and the old Medieval days. So in honor of that--or rather, since my poor brain cannot comprehend much else--here's a little character sketch that popped in my head for a knight/princess couple. It might be worth expanding. I'll think of that later. LOL. Enjoy the read and happy weekend! 

Princess Violet awoke to find herself in an unfamiliar bed with a too-familiar face. She did not scream right away, because it wasn’t in her nature to do so. However, she did manage a very ladylike squeak of surprise as she slid out from beneath the covers and tumbled to the cold, wooden floor. A slight shiver ran through her as she checked for her slippers and did not find them at the bed corner. Her lip curled upwards as she realized her dressing gown and other necessities were also missing. She stomped her foot on the floor with a sudden surge of anger.

Her bedmate did not stir at first and she took that moment to verify if the man slumbering within was the same knight from the royal court yesterday. Her face mirrored several shades of pink and red, before settling on a purplish-hue, a nod to her namesake as she approached the bed from the other side.

Gently tugging away the covers, she squinted carefully at the rugged features before her. Almost at once, her nose wrinkled in distaste the crooked nose and scarred left cheek. A sigh left her lips as she turned away, arms crossed to begin pacing the length of the small room.

Thanks for reading this excerpt! The full story is currently in the process of being revised and rewritten for publishing in an ebook format. Information will be posted when it is available, thank you for your patience.

© Sara Harricharan


Christina Banks said...

Giggle. I love the last line!

Yvonne Blake said...

OH yes, Sara! You must develop this more. I love it! I want to know what is in the book. I can just see "you" stomping your foot and putting your hands on your hips. *smle*

Catrina Bradley... said...

The first four or five paragraphs could be four or five chapters of this novel if you flesh them out like you did the rest of this princess' story. I's fun tagging along on your adventures, Sara. :)

Sharlyn Guthrie said...

Fun characters! I can imagine all sorts of misadventures these two could get into.