Sunday, September 19, 2010


I recently picked up my fanfiction threads again and one word that popped out from the virtual community was "Drabbles" something I can definitely relate to, a new term, apart from "Scribbles" which is what I often call my pet projects.

Drabbles are what comes out between Ramblings and Scribblings, they are not necessarily nice and neatly put together, but they are not so far out that you wonder what you were drinking when you started. I'm finding that to be a safe middle ground as I gear up for a pretty busy fall season ahead of me.

As some of you may know, Fall is my favorite (and most productive!) season. From National Novel Writing Month, to fanfiction requests, school projects and holiday poetry, I simply hold up my creative firecracker and lite a match. What happens afterwards, is pretty much anyone's guess, as I don't stop moving until the sparks die down and even so, it takes awhile. Slowing down means tackling Script Frenzy in April or more handwriting and less typing.

As part of my giant fall extravaganza, expect a new surprise to show up soon. I'm working on it. ^_^ In fact, that's where I've spent most of my summer time, tweaking, thinking and writing, in between of the figuring, brainstorming and sleeping. I won't hint at it now, mostly because I'm pretty much sleep-typing at the moment (and yes, I'm pretty good at it, I practice) :P

Originally, I was going to comment on Michelle Gregory's new writing quote on her blog, Beautiful Chaos. As you can tell, the Drabbles kinda left me sidetracked, but I can't waste a good idea, so I'll go ahead and ramble about it.

“Write only if you cannot live without writing. Write only what you alone can write.” ~ Elise Wiesel


That was pretty much my reaction when I read that this morning. It's been turning over and over in my head all day and the longer I think of it, the more I realize how true it is for me. I have to write. I simply can't NOT write. I've tried. It leads to strangely interesting results. I also have to write what only I can write. Someone asked me awhile ago, why I've never picked one side of the writing spectrum and stuck to it.

I remember vaguely zoning out into one of my alternate universes.

Er, simply put. I couldn't. I can't. Sometimes I write something that is happy-fluffy and inspiring, while other times, I need to be writing of someone who moves things with her mind and sets donuts on fire with a silver teddy-bear charm bracelet. When I read that wonderful quote this morning, it settled some of the butterfly-waffles in my head, (you know, my perfectionist side that agrees with order and logic) and I think I can handle that. Just be who I am and write honestly what I am.

Sounds good to me!


Joanne Sher said...

This is SO what makes you, you! LOVE it. And that quote is AMAZING.