Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First Day of Autumn

Autumn is like a dear friend, so for this first day of this season, I put words to the tune in my head from today. The wind was nice. It didn't rain. The sun didn't try to roast me. These are days I could dream and write of forever. (and yes, I'm being cute with the title) :p

Mai Ought-Tum-Many 

Autumn is a mystery
Pearls of sunset majesty
Who am I to think,
That I know?

Autumn is a flower sweet,
Bolded words and bold leaf
Who am I to think
That I may be?

Autumn is a silent weep
Heard as the mosses creep
Who am I to think
That I can hear?

Autumn is a precious lie
A piece of heaven in my eye
Who am I to think
That I can see?

Autumn is my favorite
Poems begging to be writ
Who am I to think
That I can say?

Autumn is a laughing tree
Filled with golden mastery
I am but a shadow,
You will see

Autumn is a memory
Songs in the nursery
You will hear them sing,
A lovely thing 

© Sara Harricharan

G'night!  ^_^


Joanne Sher said...

Beautiful, sweetheart. I love autumn too :D