Monday, September 27, 2010

Rainy Day Rambles

Note: This short snippet has been trailing around in my head for most of today. I felt that I had to write it out, even if the logic doesn't quite agree.(and yes, I spell grey with an "e") ^_^

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From the hallows of my sanctuary, you are calling me. I am listening, I am hearing, I am being. I can feel something is changing.

The sky is dark, the wind is harsh, the light has faded away. It is a rainy, stormy, dreary sort of day.

But I like it.

I like the wind blowing my hair straight out behind me. I love the darkening sky that is rich in hues of blue and grey, with just enough white. I don’t need sunglasses, I can gaze upwards indefinitely. I can feel the spatter of fresh water on my face.


Drops of rain.

Precious in their pattern, none to be the same. I’m soaking it in. Every little detail, for me, I need this. I need the feelings of silence, hope and power. The roar of thunder, the crash of an echo. A streak of lightening, maybe my photo?

I feel famous. I feel special. I somehow feel very loved. For in my enjoyment of this ideal environment, I realize something. He made a day this special, just for me. While other scurry about with umbrellas and gripe of lost opportunity, I see all the possibility.

From the shadowy crags of my mind and the dusty caverns of my imagination, I let the rain wash away the rust. I let the cold chill me through, until I can find the warmth I need to come back. I let the words build up, until I can’t hold them in.

And while the world dances merrily, I am sitting, quietly.

In the stage of my reality, I am singing.

I am singing just loud enough to follow the tune teasing my ears. I can hear the song the rain plays. I can hear the sighs of the days.

While your world is moving, mine has stood still.

Because today was perfect for me.

© Sara Harricharan. 


Abel said...

Most beautiful description of rain I've heard in a long time.

Joanne Sher said...

Just BEAUTIFUL, sweetie. I love this - so you, and so captivating.

Sara Harricharan said...

@JJ--thank you! That's just what those wonderfully stormy days are to me.

@Abel--Thank you very much! ^_^