Saturday, September 18, 2010

Return to the blogosphere

Hello, my dear readers! Many happy stuffits to each of you! *salute* I am, at last, returning to the blogosphere in some semblance and form (apart from sporadic memes and Friday Fiction posts). I have been busy for quite awhile--busy follows me around with a giant vat of hyperactivity--while my virtual presence has faded somewhat, rest-assured, I am still alive.

Randomness, odd snippets of writing and various rambles are sure to follow within these next few months. I feel I ought to warn everyone in advance. ^_^ The reason for this sudden announcement is explained below.

It happened.

I knew I couldn't avoid it forever, but still, I was enjoying my quiet little existence and then--WHAM.  ~_^

If you don't understand, that's fine. I didn't either. At least, not until a certain friend caught hold of me today. Most of us have a friend like this, you know, the friend that will whack you over the head with whatever's handy to be sure that your sensibilities are intact.

The conversation was a little off-kilter and ended with a major guilt trip. Something kind of like this (and yes, I have procured the necessary permissions from said friend to use in this post. girlfriend, I heart ya! Thanks for the headslap).

"Sara! There you are!"
"Hey, how's it going?"
"I have a question for you."
"Don't give me that. I want an answer."
"For what?"
"I visited your blog yesterday."
"Really? Thanks!"
"Don't thank me! I was waiting for some of that 'brilliance' that-"
"You never update and I know you're not dead."
"Dead? Good grief. I hope not."
*insert deadly glare here* "You're a writer! WRITE! I know you write more than ever appears wherever, how come you don't post that?"

Well, I'll spare you the rest of that rather random encounter, save for it ended with promises to work harder at my goal for consistency and not to disappoint my readers. That is progress, right? I hope so!

Of course, since I spoke to her, my brain has happily switched gears and has been busy thinking up new bloggy ideas (some of which resulted in less clutter over at my FF blog) and a few which include some rather belated posts (the FW conf. *ducking* I know, I know...) and of course, a word count badge.

I write well over 1000 words a day, so I'm adding Debbie Ohi's wordcount badge to my blogs. I'm excited to finally be able to do this and a little nervous to think posting some of them. But, we'll see. One step at a time, aiming for one central goal.


Joanne Sher said...

Sooooooo glad to hear this, sweet Sawa! I miss your bloggy stuff too! Thanks to your friend :D See ya here - SOON!Love you, girlie!

Sara Harricharan @ Fiction Fusion said...

Aww, thanks JJ!

Said friend is busy "LOLing" at the moment over the effectiveness of her "headslap". ^_^ I'm working out some bloggy stuffs, keep an eye out for them!