Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sidewalk Shadows

I'd like to tell you something. It's an almost-secret, but it's actually kind of funny. Well, funny for me. I think it's hilarious.

See, I like to look at shadows.

I can't draw them (or so I'm told), but I do like them and it doesn't stop me from appreciating them. They're fascinating in a rather odd way, they can't show up unless something is shining on them and they can't be seen unless there is something for them to be projected onto.

They're quite helpless on their own and yet,with a little help, it's there. It can take any form or shape and sometimes I think my brain could overload from the story possibilities screaming out at me. My favorite shadows pop up around Autumn (but you knew I was going to say that, right?) because of the trees.

It's like a tapestry of alien networks. Well, maybe some folk would say it reminds them of neural networks and synapses firing all that. I sure wouldn't know. I like my version better. I like to watch it and read it like a map, the thick shadows are giant roadways or express lanes, the smaller ones can be ramps, detours or shortcuts. It's like a game where everything is connected and disconnected all at once.

The fun really starts if you're watching said shadow on the sidewalk, then the texture of the sidewalk lends a touch of the natural terrain to my shadow-map. From my now sort-of-3D-map, we can take in the size of the concrete to tell whether the map has borders or protective barriers and set a few boundaries for the unsuspecting citizens living in this shadow-map. These particular citizens don't know that the crack in the sidewalk has something to do with the fabric of time and space (or saving grace) or that giant inter-dimensional beasts live within their shadowy caverns.

At least, that's a speck of the flash of fleeting thoughts that streak through my brain on hyperspeed when I just happen to look down at the sidewalk. On a normal, ordinary, Autumn day, I amuse myself with things that are amusing. Maybe it's commonplace, maybe it's kind of silly.

But it sure beats walking around with my head in the clouds!



Joanne Sher said...

Shadows are SOOO cool. Love this.