Saturday, September 18, 2010

Telling You Again (Poem)

Well, the poetry gears have been grinding away, begging for a warm-up, so I've granted them a bit of favor and written a short piece. It's rather abstract and of course, follows my half-rhyme/rambling style of writing. Enjoy! 

Telling You Again

Let me tell you 'bout a place that I remember
Let me tell you 'bout a place that I call home
It's beyond a broken, empty river
It's a place I visit with new water

Let me tell you 'bout a mystery inside me
Of a place I use to hide away and stay
Of the words that used to haunt me everyday
Let me tell you how the light chased them away

It's a little slice of something, forever
It's a dream-like trip, reminds me like no other
Misty, twisted foggy remains
A melody of sweet, old refrain

Let me tell you of a place I left behind me
A solemn sweet mystery, a legacy
A memory in my head, a song tucked in my bed
I will tell you of this olden homestead

In the mountains, in the valley
Under skies of sweet, soft rain
In the forests, in the prairies
Under clouds of majestic reign

There's an empty room
A silver spoon
A trail of dust
A speck of us

Fading away, because the day will come
Slipping away, because the day is done
Flying higher than the marshweed
Swimming deeper than we bleed
In the last rook of my memory
Hangs a picture of my dream

© Sara Harricharan


Joanne Sher said...

Love it. Your talent never ceases to amaze me :)