Tuesday, October 26, 2010

15 Authors

I've decided I'll have to work out a schedule of sorts for what I'm posting and when. LOL. Yes, it took me all this time to figure it out. My apologies, dear blog readers! I'll do better for November. For tonight though, I'll have to settle for the 15 Author's thing traveling the cyberspace at the moment. I'd love to comment on my choices, so here they are!

1. Dee Henderson
-I just love the way she writes. Reading her O'Malley series and then just enjoying the way she crafts her words, it reminded me that "this" is why I want to be a writer. To write awesome books like that.

2. Nancy Rue
-The Lily Robbins Series was "my" series through the tween years. Seriously. I wanted to be one of the Girlz and go with Lily on her crazy adventures and started my sporadic journaling/notebook scribbling, because of reading Lily books.

3. Melody Carlson
--Diary of  a Teenage Girl. Something about the honest emotion and story of a teen girl searching for God by writing in her journal is just...special, in a way. I love her original series with Caitlin and the one with Chloe. It's real and I can relate to it in many ways. That's what life is like sometimes, bits and pieces and fragments everywhere. Once in awhile, it falls together and you can breathe.

4. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
--This is pretty easily explained. I like mysteries. Sherlock Holmes is the King of Mysteries. Hands down, no contest-at ALL. I also adore the rambling style of Dr. Watson. I guess it has more influence on my own writing thann I'd care for it, because now I can't stop rambling when I write. ^_^ 

5. Mildred A. Wirt-Benson
--Most people don't know she was the author of the original 25 yellowback Nancy Drews. I loved them. More of my favorites are in those 25 than the entire original 56. I loved it. She was good!

6. Tamora Pierce
--I finally knew I wanted to write fantasy when I read her books. I realized it didn't have to be wild and crazy, because her books were about normal people and some pretty cool female heroines. I hope to buy all her books in hardcover someday. (probably when the paperbacks start falling apart)

7. Dannah Gresh
--An honest voice. Transparency. I wanted to write like that.

8. Lori Wick
--Best Christian Romance Writer. Doesn't say too much or too little and I loved the way she described things. I want to write entire worlds with that kind of beautiful detail.

9. Gertrude Chanlder Warner.
--The Boxcar Children. I credit her with my love for what I call "sibling short fiction" as in, if there's a story with brothers/sisters adventuring, I will write it or read it. ^_^

10. Frances Hodgeson Burnett
--My hero in the reading world, I wish I could write like her too. Something about the way she writes is magical, it sticks with you no matter how many years pass by. 

11. Ann M. Martin
--I credit my knack for dialogue to the Baby Sitter's Club. I learned how to handle more than three characters by reading these books and falling in love with Mallory and Claudia. Great stories!

12. Bonnie Bryant
--The Saddle Club. My dream of horses and horseback riding lives on in these books that I absolutely adore.

13. Agatha Christie
--Hercule Poirot. I wish he could meet Sherlock Holmes. Seriously, they could have tea or something. But they absolutely should NEVER work on the same case together. I love her mysteries though. I credit my wild endings to her unpredictable last chapters.

14. Max Lucado
--The once in awhile burst of inspirational fiction is thanks to Max Lucado. I love the way he writes and the tone that he uses. It's thanks to him that I wrote pieces like Soul Cabinet. It has the right 'feel'.

15. Ernest Hemmingway
--First read him in college. Was fascinated by his use of tagless dialogue. Am still fascinated.

And that's my 15 authors and why I like them and how they've influenced my writing/life to some degree. I thank all of them.


P.S. 5 days to nano...


Joanne Sher said...

Awesome list, girlie! I've heard of MOST of these - though not all. And I've read some :) And a few would even be on MY list of 15 authors.

Sara Harricharan said...

Thanks JJ! I had to think about this list and then I just couldn't resist explaining all of them. ^_^