Monday, October 25, 2010

6 days left! (NaNo + Synopsis)

The single digit countdown to NaNoWriMo has already begun. ^_^ There are six days left to the midnight countdown. I dearly wish it wasn't on a Monday, but I shall try to make up for it on the weekend.

At the moment, I'm quite happily settled in my "nano obession mode" which has included filling out extensive character profiles and attempting to nail down the opening scene for the novel. I have more than three names now--surprise, surprise--and the character profiles are about half-filled. I've finally posted the synopsis after a good couple of weeks of puzzling and so I won't bore you, I'll include it below and wish you happy dreamstuffits for tonight.



Title: Blood Library
Genre: Christian Fantasy 

In the hallows of history, The Library was a feared establishment. From its shadowed caverns, Writers and Seers were birthed into reality, with the power to alter lives. When the power hungry sought control, something unthinkable happened and it all disappeared.

The Library vanished.

The Writers faded out.

The Seers are long gone.

But they aren’t dead. They live among the common, normal, ordinary people rushing about their daily lives, struggling to survive with what few skills they have. Many have lost their gifts, more have lost their sanity.

Few remember the library.

Some never forget.

Irisa hasn’t.

They told her the blood in her veins ran black as ebony.

They said her heart was worthless, her tears pointless.

But the blood in her veins is crimson red and her bleeding heart might save them all.

(c) S. Harricharan 


Sparrow said...

Ooooo, intriguing story!

Joanne Sher said...

Bbboooooy does this sound good!!

Sara Harricharan said...

@Sparrow--Thanks! I can't wait to write it.

@JJ--Thank you! I worked on it for awhile. ^_^

Book Owl said...

I love your synopsis! It sounds like a very interesting story! I have to say that from the title alone I had no clue what the story was going to be about (except that it had to do with a library :P) but this was totally not what I was expecting! It sounds like a very good, original idea! Can't wait to read an excerpt! Will you have an except?

Wish you luck!

Sara Harricharan said...

@Book Owl, thanks! I can hardly believe it's 4 days 'til nano! Thank you for reading the synopsis. I will definitely be posting excerpts, once I get started. ^_^

Happy nanoing to you too!