Friday, October 29, 2010

The Time Monster (Friday Fiction)

This week's Friday Fiction is hosted by the talented Christina Banks over @ her blog, With Pen in Hand. Click here to read and share more great fiction!

Author's Ramblings. The lovely Kristina Rohder is the one to thank for this particular inspiration. Be sure to visit her blog, she has a wonderful serial going on at the moment, you'll be on the edge of your seat keeping up with all the action! Anyway, her prompt gave me this idea. Somehow I had the thought of Father Time in my head and of course, the thought of a time monster, so here is the actual result. It's not as detailed as it could be, because I don't want it to end up at several thousand words (at least, that's where it would've been at the rate I was going. LOL). Please enjoy the read and happy weekend. (Psst! NaNoWriMo is now 2 days away!) 

The roar echoed in the marble halls of the giant mansion. It was struggling at first, almost trembling before it blossomed into a giant rumbling roar.

In the shadowy study on the fifth floor, by the south window, Mr. Winthrop paused in mid-scribble. He sighed, though the sound was empty and meaningless to the unoccupied room. From his jacket pocket, he drew a silver pocketwatch with a heart engraved on the cover. He smiled at the etching and flipped it open.

Seeing the time didn’t improve his mood any, for the scowl deepened as he pushed back in the chair and stood up from the desk. He took his time in putting away his pen, setting the silken bookmark in the center of the book before closing the cover.

Another rumbling roar made the room shift and shake, the coffee sloshing out of its holder and onto the desk’s smooth surface. He sighed, drawing a pristine kerchief from one pocket, hand hovering over the liquid mess before he used it to hold the golden bell on the velvet pad.

It rang softly with a gentle tingle.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Skeletons! (BBT)

In honor of Halloween this weekend:
What reading skeletons do you have in your closet? Books you’d be ashamed to let people know you love? Addiction to the worst kind of (fill in cheesy genre here)? Your old collection of Bobbsey Twin Mysteries lovingly stored behind your “grown-up” books? You get the picture … come on, confess!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

15 Authors

I've decided I'll have to work out a schedule of sorts for what I'm posting and when. LOL. Yes, it took me all this time to figure it out. My apologies, dear blog readers! I'll do better for November. For tonight though, I'll have to settle for the 15 Author's thing traveling the cyberspace at the moment. I'd love to comment on my choices, so here they are!

1. Dee Henderson
-I just love the way she writes. Reading her O'Malley series and then just enjoying the way she crafts her words, it reminded me that "this" is why I want to be a writer. To write awesome books like that.

2. Nancy Rue
-The Lily Robbins Series was "my" series through the tween years. Seriously. I wanted to be one of the Girlz and go with Lily on her crazy adventures and started my sporadic journaling/notebook scribbling, because of reading Lily books.

3. Melody Carlson
--Diary of  a Teenage Girl. Something about the honest emotion and story of a teen girl searching for God by writing in her journal is just...special, in a way. I love her original series with Caitlin and the one with Chloe. It's real and I can relate to it in many ways. That's what life is like sometimes, bits and pieces and fragments everywhere. Once in awhile, it falls together and you can breathe.

4. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
--This is pretty easily explained. I like mysteries. Sherlock Holmes is the King of Mysteries. Hands down, no contest-at ALL. I also adore the rambling style of Dr. Watson. I guess it has more influence on my own writing thann I'd care for it, because now I can't stop rambling when I write. ^_^ 

5. Mildred A. Wirt-Benson
--Most people don't know she was the author of the original 25 yellowback Nancy Drews. I loved them. More of my favorites are in those 25 than the entire original 56. I loved it. She was good!

6. Tamora Pierce
--I finally knew I wanted to write fantasy when I read her books. I realized it didn't have to be wild and crazy, because her books were about normal people and some pretty cool female heroines. I hope to buy all her books in hardcover someday. (probably when the paperbacks start falling apart)

7. Dannah Gresh
--An honest voice. Transparency. I wanted to write like that.

8. Lori Wick
--Best Christian Romance Writer. Doesn't say too much or too little and I loved the way she described things. I want to write entire worlds with that kind of beautiful detail.

9. Gertrude Chanlder Warner.
--The Boxcar Children. I credit her with my love for what I call "sibling short fiction" as in, if there's a story with brothers/sisters adventuring, I will write it or read it. ^_^

10. Frances Hodgeson Burnett
--My hero in the reading world, I wish I could write like her too. Something about the way she writes is magical, it sticks with you no matter how many years pass by. 

11. Ann M. Martin
--I credit my knack for dialogue to the Baby Sitter's Club. I learned how to handle more than three characters by reading these books and falling in love with Mallory and Claudia. Great stories!

12. Bonnie Bryant
--The Saddle Club. My dream of horses and horseback riding lives on in these books that I absolutely adore.

13. Agatha Christie
--Hercule Poirot. I wish he could meet Sherlock Holmes. Seriously, they could have tea or something. But they absolutely should NEVER work on the same case together. I love her mysteries though. I credit my wild endings to her unpredictable last chapters.

14. Max Lucado
--The once in awhile burst of inspirational fiction is thanks to Max Lucado. I love the way he writes and the tone that he uses. It's thanks to him that I wrote pieces like Soul Cabinet. It has the right 'feel'.

15. Ernest Hemmingway
--First read him in college. Was fascinated by his use of tagless dialogue. Am still fascinated.

And that's my 15 authors and why I like them and how they've influenced my writing/life to some degree. I thank all of them.


P.S. 5 days to nano...

Monday, October 25, 2010

6 days left! (NaNo + Synopsis)

The single digit countdown to NaNoWriMo has already begun. ^_^ There are six days left to the midnight countdown. I dearly wish it wasn't on a Monday, but I shall try to make up for it on the weekend.

At the moment, I'm quite happily settled in my "nano obession mode" which has included filling out extensive character profiles and attempting to nail down the opening scene for the novel. I have more than three names now--surprise, surprise--and the character profiles are about half-filled. I've finally posted the synopsis after a good couple of weeks of puzzling and so I won't bore you, I'll include it below and wish you happy dreamstuffits for tonight.



Title: Blood Library
Genre: Christian Fantasy 

In the hallows of history, The Library was a feared establishment. From its shadowed caverns, Writers and Seers were birthed into reality, with the power to alter lives. When the power hungry sought control, something unthinkable happened and it all disappeared.

The Library vanished.

The Writers faded out.

The Seers are long gone.

But they aren’t dead. They live among the common, normal, ordinary people rushing about their daily lives, struggling to survive with what few skills they have. Many have lost their gifts, more have lost their sanity.

Few remember the library.

Some never forget.

Irisa hasn’t.

They told her the blood in her veins ran black as ebony.

They said her heart was worthless, her tears pointless.

But the blood in her veins is crimson red and her bleeding heart might save them all.

(c) S. Harricharan 

Friday, October 22, 2010

For Her Mother's Sake (Friday Fiction)

This week's Friday Fiction is hosted by the wonderful Karlene "KJ'" Jacobsen @ her blog, Homespun Expressions. Click here to read and share more great fiction.

Author's Ramblings: This is a snippet from one of my current WIP's, I was aiming for an allegorical slant on it. I'm trying to distract myself from NaNoWriMo and was working on the first instance where two characters finalize a contract. It's a meeting of a spherical guardian and her new "holder". I was experimenting with how long I could write without using names (I hadn't decided on any yet) and working on creating some backstory for them. This scene is taken directly after Nicole has realized there is nothing left in her life. She has seen her father murdered for trying to protect her and understands that her mother was killed in the line of duty. Her mother was something of a government spy, but within realms, rather than governments. Her history had simply grown large enough that they deemed her a threat and thus removed her. They didn't expect to encounter resistance--the husband--and are trying to find Nicole. Merona is a rouge spherical guardian, who has roamed free for quite some time and has quite a reputation behind her. I'll let you read the rest of her backstory, but just so you understand some of it. A spherical guardian in my world/realm, is a being of intense power and ability, who bonds with a human in contract form, to help them fulfill a specific goal. They usually appear to folk in need and when the 'heart' is repaired, they absorb the negative energy and convert it into something useful. Anyway, happy NaNo-approaching and happy reading. Enjoy your weekend and please leave a comment if you feel so inclined.

A similar street view from where Merona was keeping watch.

The woman watched her from the opposite side of the street, noting the shadows beneath her eyes and the sideways tilt of her head. Her lips twitched as the young girl inched further out into the sunlight gracing the sidewalk to fully converse with the mailman standing at the apartment door.

Her head was bowed and she gave the occasional nod as the man continued to rant on about undeliverable mail. He ended with words that made the girl take several steps backward in fright. Her reaction was noted by the irate man who stopped with his wild arm gestures and leaned closer in to get a better look at her.

Foreign (BBT)

Name a book (or books) from a country other than your own that you love. Or aren’t there any?

For a moment, I was stumped, until I realized favorites like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Jane Austen and Rudyard Kipling were from England. ^_^ Problem solved. For that reason, I'm using "English authors/writers" in my answer.

I enjoy the classic, Hound of the Baskervilles (one of my favorite mystery reads to date), Pride and Prejudice (the arguments with Mr. Darcy are just hilarious) and of course, Kim by Rudyard Kipling.

Great writers, great books!

The Incredible Hulk!

No, I didn't go crazy.

Close to it (NaNo obsession mode), but not quite!

This afternoon, I had the pleasure of hearing Lou Ferrigno speak at the university auditorium. It was a wonderful evening, a good close to a busy day. Speaking out on standing up for yourself, learning to believe and have confidence in what you do and love, his message of motivation was well-delivered.

I appreciated his honest presentation and how down-to-earth he was. In the question and answer session, audience members were encouraged to ask whatever questions they wanted, no matter how silly they seemed. When one member of the audience requested if he could do the "hulk smash", Lou laughed--and then did it.

That simple gesture and the smile he did it with, was one of my highlights for the evening. I left encouraged to be a student in university, pursuing a degree I have chosen and living my life as it comes. Not with all the solemnity and dignity that is sometimes attributed to reality, but with vibrancy, creativity and a touch of randomness.

A great speaker, a great afternoon, a great message.

That adds up to three wonderful points, so I'm off to bed now. G'night!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Weekly Updates for Oct 17-23rd 2010

The daily blog posts @ The Scarlet Blog,

Plotlining and other nano things --an update post about nanowrimo progress in 2010 and a teaser announcement for useful character profiles for both heroes and villains. Special thanks to readers who visited new blog.

Before The Internet--a piece of unedited short fiction @ Fiction Fusion. A teenage girl's musings in the future before the internet.

Snippet of Scenery -- a rambling post @ The Scarlet Blog. A second person POV imaginary trip through a city writing loft of the perfect writing space.

BUMP -- A bit of rambling and a snippet of flash fiction (498 words). @ The Scarlet Blog

Other updates for the week will appear in a separate post.


Bump. Bumpity bump. Bump.

Yes, I admit it. I took a prompt for today.

I was actually thinking about NaNo and somehow my brain was sidetracked by this new thing, dubbed "Random Word Generator". I know, I know, normally, this is not something quite as earth-shattering, as say, fake butter that actually melts.

But seriously, I saw the title and clicked and wow, imagine my happy surprise when the page loads and in all its glory, is a nice big word, a lovely four-letter specimen of...Bump.

I thought about it and thought about it and couldn't come up with something else to post. So here I am, posting about 'bump' because I'm too wired to think beyond it. I'm thinking instead of this little superhero, who could have a surfer hairdo and when he snaps his fingers, things bump. Whaddya think?  ~_^

Don't worry. I wouldn't ask you to read or comment on something that random. It's just one of those moments. Please do excuse me. I will find my brain--give me a moment--and put it back where it belongs, oh there it is!

Be right back.

Ah, I'm back. It's all good now.

*flexing fingers, preparing to type*

If you would, but lend me a moment of patience, I will now present to you, in all its wondrous array, a short of 498 words :

BUMP, softly



I wasn’t thinking about it. I wasn’t thinking about it at all.

Rather, I didn’t want to.

Life was strange, then. There was very little I could understand. There was even less that I cared to understand. Life was monotonous.

And I liked it that way. I liked it quite a bit.

I don’t remember when it started. I almost wish I did, but then, maybe, it’s best this way. If I knew for sure, with absolute certainty, mayhap I wouldn’t be doing this. I wouldn’t have bothered at all.

It was a very quiet sort of thing, in the middle of nowhere and when I least expected it. I think it was by that new copier in that old, drab office space. It’s a cell, really.

Or a fairly decent reproduction of one.

Cold, dark and gray. White, empty and pristine. They mesh together to make the shadows that dance across the face of my soul.

They were the tapestry when I first felt it.


A ripple in the ground, something to throw me off my feet. Something to make my smile waver, the perfect, polite grin that I wore day in and day out. It could have been anything. It might have been everything.

I dearly wished it was nothing.

But then I tried to take a step forward, having steadied myself with a hand on the new copy machine. At first, my feet wobbled.

The bump had shaken them considerably.

I tried to think logically, because I hadn’t heard any yells or screams. It was virtually impossible that I could be the only one to have experienced this sudden, strange earthquake.

It had to be an earthquake, yes?


This time, it shook me to my knees.

In my new suit, on the thin, worthless carpet, I was on my knees for no other reason than something I couldn’t explain.

Softly, gently, something whispered to me.

I tried not to hear it.

Then I tried to listen again.

The holds faded away.

I rose to my feet and continued on.

Somehow I found my way home. Somehow I found myself standing in the living room, moving as if I were wading through water, captured in an otherworldly daze.

A strange, strange dream.

Then I felt it again, softer, kinder almost.


Like a hand on my shoulder, guiding me forward and down.

Oh heart of little faith, why must you be so bold?

On my knees I am nothing. I am unworthy to ask the requests that I hoard within, selfish requests to improve my own mindless existence. So self-centered, so singled-minded.


Quieter, more insistent, this time it shook my thoughts free of their human confines.

When the whisper in my ear came, I listened.

I closed my eyes and prayed.

Everything poured out.

Nothing else happened, that day.

But now I feel them, everywhere.

Bump, softly.

I wish I could say that I didn’t mind, but I am still human.

© Sara Harricharan

And that's all folks. There you have it. Proof that my head is not always in another world. ^_^ Thanks for visiting and taking the time to read this far.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Snippet of Scenery

Someone asked me to describe the perfect writing scene where I'd be happily puttering away. Somehow the conversation was twisted around to what time period it'd be set in and I ended up with an imagined scene that really isn't practical at all.

Well, technically speaking anyway.

Lend me your imagination for a moment and I'll show you.

Follow me all the way to a busy street and a two-story stone bookstore. It's a cozy bookstore, nice and toasty inside, they recycle (there's blue recyclable trash cans near the front of the store) and a hot water station where you have a help-yourself-cafe.

Interesting paintings cover the walls and there isn't a clock to be seen anywhere. There might be music, but the perfect level of noise resides within this little bookstore. You can hear people talking, snippets of their conversation drift over and tickle your ears. The scent of a strong, earl grey tea is wafting beneath your nose and suddenly, you have the urge to pour yourself a cup and find a seat in the corner somewhere with a really good view.

You find a nice, tough-looking ceramic mug, it's got a good weight and a good size to it. You fill the cup to the brim--black, no creamer--and suddenly, a stairwell catches your eye. It's like a corkscrew, from the top of the ceiling and it's made of lovely dark wood and black metal. The sudden urge that compels you to walk forward and up those stairs is something you don't want to ignore.

Climbing that amazing staircase, you find yourself in a different world--almost. You have made it to the top, without spilling a single drop of your Earl Grey and you've stepped from cozy bookstore into perfect city loft. The walls seem to be natural stone and there's one of those tall waterfall-rock-boards on your left. Soft lighting illuminates a hallway with a thick, shaggy entry mat in a rich, green shade. Wandering further into the loft, you see a wide window and a mahogany desk.

In a corner, to the right of the window, is a giant moonchair, (You know, the real ones, with the straw basket and the giant cushion that's oh-so-wonderful). The tiny endtable beside it, is holding a brand-new laptop and a tray of your favorite crumpets. (Well, rusks, I prefer rusks over crumpets, but nevermind, I'm borrowing your imagination here). Take a deep breath and keep walking into the room.

See a wall of bookshelves so impressive, you start to wonder whether it is the stockroom for the bookstore, before you realize that there is someone sitting inside that moon chair. The person has positioned this lovely laptop in their lap and already, their fingers are flying over the keyboard. You can hear a steady, clicking-clacking sort of noise as the keys are pressed.

And then you remember. It sounds like a typewriter.

So you set your cup of Earl Grey on the end table and stand where you can see over the shoulder of this mysterious person.

And then you ask your muse how much progress they've made.


Now wasn't that a nice snippet of scenery to wander through? No? Oh, fine then. I'll give you a picture.

You'll have to imagine the moonchair and endtable though. ^_^


Monday, October 18, 2010

Song of The Day?

I don't have much to ramble about today. Well, actually, I don't feel like rambling. I'm scrambling, rather, at the moment to keep up with all the balls I've been juggling this month. It's a bit of a ridiculous stretch, but honestly, I suppose I wouldn't take a do-over if someone offered me.

Schoolwork. Housework. Work. Family. Life. Sleep. NaNoWriMo. I've been living in precisely that pattern. Surprisingly, it's kinda fun. lolz. Anyway, my song of the day is Kaskade featuring Dragonette, with their song "Fire In Your New Shoes." I think it's going to be part of my NaNoWriMo playlist. It just fits my FMC so well at the moment.

Anyway, check it out if you like! The official vid is above.


Before The Internet (Short Fiction)

Author's Note: This is merely a scrap of "Prompt Fiction" as I like to call it, a short sketch under 1,000 words written to the theme of a randomly generated prompt. I don't usually post short fiction on this blog, so enjoy the read! 

Title: Before The Internet. 
Word count: 859

What did I do before the internet?

Kacy drummed her pencil along the edge of her desk. She didn’t really need the pencil, it was just a good distraction and something easy to hold in her hand while her mind tried to work around the mental roadblock.

It wasn’t a hard assignment. It wasn’t an easy assignment. Kacy wasn’t even sure if it was really an assignment to begin with. A derisive snort left her corner of the computer lab as s she sat back in her chair, twirling the pencil around in her hand.

Yes, the pencil was a very good distraction.

Internet. Internet. Before. What on earth did I do before that?

Kacy squirmed in her chair for a moment. Her memory wasn’t long or short, it was kind of stuck in the middle. For all of her sixteen years of life, she couldn’t recall an exact moment where she wasn’t connected to the internet. At least, not a moment that she wanted to use for this particular English teacher.

The snort turned into a sigh that she voiced aloud once more.

Internet. Internet. Probably stuff people did before I was born? No. He wouldn’t like that. It has to be real. Ugh. There’s nothing real in my life, so help me!

She idly tapped the pencil all along the plastic edge of the computer lab table. The option of staring up into space was interrupted by the stained, tiled ceiling, a distracting view when Kacy thought about it.

She didn’t want to think, so she opted to close her eyes instead.

That helped, some.

Her eyes were tired, her mind was tired and the rest of her body made no complaint.

At least, a moment. She allowed. Just a moment. Mrs. Price will be on my case in a moment.

As if on cue, the stern class monitor cleared her throat from somewhere on the left. Kacy turned her head towards the sound.

“Miss Iyllis?”

“I’m thinking.”

“Could possibly stand to think with your-”

“All I ever did before the internet was sleep.” Kacy’s eyes popped open as she searched the stern face and latched onto to the filmy blue eyes behind the thick glasses before her. “I can’t remember a time when I haven’t been connected somehow. My family’s always been that way-”

“Then try thinking harder. If you were legitimately trying to complete this assignment, I’m sure you would have already thought of the correct answer.”

“There isn’t a correct answer.” Kacy straightened in her chair. “It isn’t a right or wrong answer, it’s just the truth.”

“Then that shouldn’t be a problem for someone like you, right?”

Kacy swallowed. An off-kilter memory slapped her upside the head.

“…well, no, I can’t. I’m going to Church.”

“Can’t you skip it?”

“I’m playing the flute, so no. You’re welcome to come though.”

“As if. Look, can you make it or not?”

“I can’t.”

“Because of that? Do you have any idea how hard it was for me to get her permission? Ugh. You’re such a-”

“Lindsey, please don’t start with-”

“With what, church girl? It was you that blabbed on Petersen in Soci, wasn’t it?”

“What? No! I didn’t. That wasn’t me, honest!”

“Yeah. I know. You church people are always so honest. Walking lie detectors and all that, right? You make me sick.”


“Would you two keep it down? This is a library. People are trying to study.”

A slight tingle ran through her fingertips and Kacy tucked the pencil into her messy bun and arranged her hands on the keyboard.

Thanks for the hint, Mrs. Price. I’ll definitely write the truth.

The cursor on the page blinked expectantly and with a smothered sigh, Kacy began to type.

In my life, the moments without internet are few and far in between. For the instances when I am disconnected from our virtual world, the moments that follow more than make up for it. The worldwide web has always been a significant part of my life, due to my family’s tech savvy and line of work, I have always been surrounded by computers and electronic devices, of which most of them are wireless. The only moment in time where I have not been connected to the web in one way or another would have been before I was born. And even so, that would not be an entirely accurate answer, because my mother kept a constant video log and blog for the entire nine months that I was…

A dull chime sounded hollowly in her ears.

Kacy sighed and reached back behind one ear to pull out the pencil from her hair. She took the pencil and plugged it into the air above her left elbow. There was a beep, a hiss and then a familiar digital voice.

“Education session, one-one-nine-one has reached the timer’s limit. Please reload simulation and try again. A new prompt will appear.”

A half laugh registered. Kacy leaned back in her capsule chair and let her fingers dance over the keypad to reboot the learning session.

She smirked.

A time before the internet? Yeah right!

© Sara Harricharan

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Plotlining and other nano things

I would say outlining, but I'm kind of more "in-lining" than out and of course it has to do with a plot, so it doesn't really make sense to write it out either way.


I maybe confusing you into the same state as my scattered brain today. There are fourteen days until NaNoWriMo starts and I've been trying to wrap my brain around it. In between of PC issues, new novel writing software and of course, "Plotlining". Not to mention I finally had a chance to read a few chapters of Tamora Pierce's "Bloodhound" and now I want to read more than I want to write.

Which, actually isn't a problem, except for I ought to be either writing/working/studying in this particular moment. (Well, I'm counting the blogging as writing, technically anyway). The good side is that I'm working on my Character Profiles again.

Some of you may remember my 9-page character profile I whipped up last year and the headache and heartache that went into how much was "too much" or "too little" and this year, I'm tackling it again. I hope to have a working version for both hero and villain, a lite version(short) and a full version (long), which are pretty much usable writing aids when you're in the middle of your novel writing spree. And I'll be redoing the scrapbook and possibly *cross your fingers* a plot book. I don't know about the plot book, but we'll see.

I know several of y'all last year really enjoyed the character profiles, so I'm going to see what I can do this year to update and make them more useful/relevant. More details when I get into it. I am not doing any extra wallpapers or icons like I did last year, mainly because of time constraints and my student workload.  :-(  I really wish I could, but unless I drink about a case of Dr. Pepper and enter a cosmic hyper mode of sorts, I don't know if that's happening this year. We'll see.

Anyway, as far as my own nano plot goes. I've got a second character name! WOOT da woot! I feel so excited about this that I just have to share. For those of you who haven't seen my writing process in action, I generally have a poor, nameless (and homeless) character waltzing about in my head and when it receives a name, it is then assigned to a world/story and can happily continue life. However, until I find that perfect name, said character plays dominoes and mancala in the virtual pizza parlor in my head.

Today, one of them packed his bags and waltzed off into the realm-er-the world of Blood Library. I've decided to make him a secondary character of interest. So, as of now, I have a whopping total of three character names and random scenes in my head with nameless characters.


I'm scared to call it progress. I'll just call it useful information. ^_^ (which is probably a hint that I ought to get off the keyboard and into bed).

Ah, before I go, a special thank you to all of you who visited my new blog and took the time to follow, explore or comment. I truly appreciate each and every one of you! I'll do my best to write my best. Thank you!

(and g'night!)

Officially Launched!

The official blog of Sara Harricharan has been launched.

A welcome post has appeared on the Scarlet Blog and a redirect through the Fiction Fusion blog.

Updates for this week include, a new short fiction piece:

Marlsten's Delivery for Friday Fiction. A piece of short fantasy fiction following the prompt for an "Armored Car Driver". It is unedited.

Nothing to Say @ The Scarlet Blog. A short poem on the topic of "Nothing". It is also unedited.

FRY-day @ The Scarlet Blog. Drabbles from an exhausting week.

You can also find Sara on NaNoWriMo @ Sara/Scarletfury  Click to visit her NaNo profile and add her as a buddy!

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News and Updates

Just a quick blurb, there's interesting "stuffits" happening over at my Scarlet Blog, click below to read and see!

Official Stuffits

Don't you just love that title? Now you know that I'm not going to ramble in this post, at least, not when I have official stuffits to jabber about instead.

Onto the official business!

If you've been following my writing adventures for awhile, you probably already have put together that for all my perfectionist sides, I tend to be very absent-minded and busy in the random department. In an attempt to keep some of this in a more structured (and hopefully less confusing!) format, I've launched a new blog, for just updates. There won't be regular posts, but official things will show up there.

You will find a weekly update on what I've written/where, how my various challenges are coming along (there will be some info on the challenges in the nav bar section of the blog, feel free to browse through them). I've decided to start reviewing the books I read, simply because I read quite a bit and I share my opinion anyway, so I might as well go ahead and blog about it.

Please take a moment to visit and follow, if you feel so inclined. New posts will be appear as new things happen.

The Random Life of Sara H.

That is my first set of official business, the second set is the arrival and lovely-ness of my NaNoWriMo ML web badge. I'm quite proud of it, so I'm shamelessly showing it off on every forum I can remember. lolz. I've got some planning done today and some other nanotidbits put together.

All in all, a productive day. ^_^ 


Definition: Last day of an 8-day week. Usually occurs when one should be experiencing the expected two-day weekend. Is a direct result from serious thought and possible side-effect of reality when sanity fails.

No, I'm not really that far gone at the moment. Fairly close to it though, fairly close to it. Yes, I know, I've been skipping out for most of this week, but I have legitimate excuses *cough*midterms*cough* and of course, I've been busying writing and Nanowrimo-plot wrangling. ^_^

Please be warned that these are drabbles from the brain of an exhausted university student. (or so she says at 1AM). Yes. Bother that Night Owl Syndrome.

Now, onto a coherent post. I think. Maybe. 

The week has not been bad, rather, it's gotten cold fairly quickly and so I've spent my unfrozen time between school and sanity. I've also received the first of my "NaNo Loot", the official Mug! I love it to pieces already and yes, the first drink I had in it was Dr. Pepper. And it tasted really good.

To account for coherency, I'm going to take a prompt.

and, drumroll please, the prompt was "Look at your hands. Why are you grateful for them?"

This lovely pic was taken by Kevin Thom and seemed to symbolize the sudden prompt of hands. 
Hmmm, good question. Well, I'm looking at my hands (in between of typing this of course!) and I kinda like them. They're nice and thin and they have nicely polished fingernails in burgundy and silver. I love that I can use them to write by typing on a keyboard. That I can use them to help, as well as to hurt. I like having hands that can hold my new nano mug and feel the weight, the coolness and the texture of the logo. I love being able to feel my keyboard, smooth and warm. I'm grateful for having hands that let me help people. I am grateful that I have the choice to use them for good things and not troublesome ones. I am grateful for the thoughts and memories that they bring me. I am grateful for the thoughts and memories I will continue to have and create with them.

So, I've looked at my hands.

I have to say, I think I like 'em pretty well.


and yes, I'm rambling.


Friday, October 15, 2010

Marlsten's Delivery (Friday Fiction)

This week's Friday Fiction his hosted by the talented Karlene "KJ" Jacobsen @ her blog, Homespun Expressions. Click here to read and share more great fiction!

Author's Ramblings. Y'all have Amy Wiley to thank for this particular spin-off. It's rough (and unedited), but I've had Titania's character wedged in my head for most of this week and since I need to make some room to think of midterms and NaNoWriMo, you'll find this to be a brief character sketch, but a useful one nonetheless. I hope you enjoy the read--don't forget to leave a comment, I love hearing what you think! Happy weekend and enjoy the read! Oh and of course, I couldn't quite find the car that Titania drives, but hopefully this pic is good enough for your imagination to do the rest. ^_^

The sign on the building read Marlsten’s Delivery in crooked, faded lettering. On the stretch of dirt road, it was the only building in sight and not a very well-kept one from the outside. A faded and peeling scrap of paper explained the hours of operation and there was no bell to announce their arrival, when the guests entered the foyer.

There was no one in foyer, so they passed through the beaded curtain and skirted round an ancient pool table. It was dark inside, once they passed through the foyer and there were no lights in sight anywhere that they could find.

A dead goldfish floated in a murky glass globe, highlighted by a scrap of a light streaming downward from a cracked nightlight plugged into the wall near a dusty corkboard. A faint flicker of blue seemed to emanate from it.

The woman shuddered and inched closer to her two escorts.

“Ma’am?” One of the two gentlemen edged closer to his employer.

“There’s a light this way.” The other one started down the narrow hallway to the left.

The strained sounds of Mozart filtered through the hallway as if slowed by the very presence of the dust coating every object. Muffled squishing sounds came from the tattered carpet as the source of the light came through a frosted office door.

When the trio entered the office, the radio on the bookshelf sputtered and wheezed. The bald-headed man squinted up at them from beneath the fluorescent lights. Beads of sweat had collected along his hairline and he swabbed them away with one shirtsleeve, then surveyed them through a single monocle. 

The tallest of the trio, a woman in a knee-length burgundy overcoat, gave a nod to the man standing to her left. He stepped forward, cloaked in black and holding out a sturdy, black briefcase. “Mr. Marlsten? We have some business that-”

“Driver, car or both?” The man asked, replacing his monocle in his grubby shirt pocket. “It’s almost closing time. You should come back tomorrow.”

“Mr. Marlsten-”

“We’re closed.” He wrinkled a fat nose, propping up his chin with pudgy fingers. “We’re closed on Thursdays.”

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rewrites! (BBT)

If you could rewrite the ending of any book, which book would it be? And how would you change it?

Ah, that's easy. Virtual War by Gloria Skurzynski. This is one of the first books that I ever read, that I absolutely could not stand the ending. It was too ridiculous, too cookie-cutter-ish and just plain unsatisfying. While the overall plot and nearly the entire book was quite enjoyable, it was the very last two chapters that I read and re-read, about five times, because I simply couldn't believe it ended that way.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Nothing To Say

And I'm kind of in an off-mood/half-rambling mode at the moment. >_> My apologies for skipping a few posts, but it was all for the good of NaNo. (and the fact that I hosted Friday Fiction and was scrambling to write said story for FF on a Thursday. My days got all mixed up.) I've made some progress plot-wise and I now have two new secondary characters, of which, only one is nameless. WOOT!

That is progress!

Anyway, since today was Monday and Mondays are always kind of iffy for my writerly self, I ended up with a string of random poetry. You can thank my American Literature class for it. I was half-asleep. And I'm still tired, so I'm going to post it and sign out. ^_^

I have nothing to say
It’s strange
It feels almost empty when
Say it to you


I have nothing to say
It’s weird
It feels strange when
Hear it from you


I have nothing to say
It’s normal
It feels fine when
With you


To me,
You are my nothing
You are something
You are anything
You are everything
I need you
Kind of like how
You need me

I am your nothing
I am something
I am anything
I am everything
You need me
Kind of like how
I need you

You are not my life
You are a part of my life

I am not your life
I am a part of your life

We’re two halves of a whole
Two sides of a coin
I’m light
I’m dark
You’re right
You’re wrong

We’re the same person

So when I say you are
I mean it
From the bottom of my heart

I’m staring at you in the mirror
Because I like
What I see
I see nothing
I see something
I see anything
I see everything
And then,
I have nothing to say

© Sara Harricharan 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Knitpicking (Friday Fiction)

Hi everyone! I am the happy host of this week's Friday Fiction. You'll find the Linky tool below. If you're new to the Friday Fiction meme, then just go ahead and jump right in. All you have to do is link to an original story you've written using the linky tool below. Don't forget to read and comment on other folks's stuff, we all love the feedback! 

Author's Note: This is another character sketch I've been working out for awhile. I wanted to see how a story would work if I didn't use a traditional "power".  I liked Donovan's character and his talent, so I figured I'd backtrack a bit into his history and see how he was before he got to where he is now. It's a short, sketchy kind of story, so please excuse the shortness of it. I wasn't writing it for detail or anything, just to get a feel of the younger Donovan and his mentor, Annie. Enjoy the read and happy weekend! 

She’d already seen the signs before the argument had begun. He wasn’t wearing his school uniform to begin with and what he was wearing at the moment wasn’t something she cared to comment on. He looked more punk than straight-A student with his chains, studs and ragged black clothing. He’d chosen the obvious way to let her know that he wasn’t feeling up to cookies and milk after school.

“You are not coming into my kitchen looking like that. Something happen you want to talk about?”

“Not with you.”

Traveling Books (BBT)

When you travel, how many books do you bring with you?
Has this changed since the arrival of ebooks? 

I tend to bring only one book. Usually it's not the one I'm halfway through, but rather a brand-new one, and I travel with hardcover instead of paperbacks. I try to always finish whatever I'm reading before I start on a trip and it depends on how I feel as I travel, I might just end up lugging the book around for the sake of having a book, rather than for actually reading it. I tend to write more when I travel, rather than read.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dragon Eggs, NaNo and other ramblings

Well, I did it.

I've been admiring the virtual dragons of those around me for awhile and finally caved to get a few of my own. *shock* Yes, yes, I know. I've been avoiding it for a few years, but they are so cute and of course, they won't scorch the furniture so I really don't have much of a reason to ignore the poor little things.

Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!

Unfortunately, they seem to require attention. We'll see how that goes. Click on 'em for me, if you've got a minute and we shall see what we shall see.

Today's post is merely a bunch of incoherent rambles, but I'm sure you're used to that by now. At least, for me to think on a Wednesday that is. Current things include, my first papers in for the semester and quite a bit of NaNo stuff along with finally seeing the new Karate Kid movie.

For NaNo, this is my first year as an ML and I'm still trying to get over the shock of it. I'm excited to think of the possibilities and I can't wait to see how this year will go. Thankfully, I have a Co-ML, who also has a great passion for NaNo.

Other ramblings include, I love Jackie Chan in the Karate kid and I think Jaden Smith did an excellent job as well. Definitely an inspiring and encouraging movie. I do recommend it, though I will admit I had a hard time sitting still and quiet during the beginning scenes with the bullies. The subtle humor is very refreshing though and I love the little romantic story between the two young characters. ^_^

Anyway, that's all for tonight,

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Word Itch

You know, when you've got that perfect word on the tip of your tongue and you can't say it? It's usually followed by the suddenly inability to provide a coherent definition of said word to those around you.

It may result in pulling your hair out, screaming into a pillow and kicking a doorframe. Not that I would do that, mind you, I like my hair, screaming into a pillow is exhausting and if you kick a doorframe, the only one hurt is yourself. (and it hurts worse than a stubbed toe!).

Of course, by the time you have already engaged in such mental gymnastics, you've probably already ruled out every possibility of what the word is not. If you're used to working with words on a daily basis, then three's the charm. By the time you find the third person to listen to your incoherent definition, then you'll have remembered the necessary word yourself.

The proper response is then to politely thank your helper and then find a nice big rock to hide-er-sit on and have a calming cup of tea.

The return to whatever it is you were doing and type/write the correct word.

Proceed with life as usual.

And yes, that's what I was doing a half-minute ago. Minus the hair-pulling, screaming and walking-er-kicking doorframes. Want to take a guess? My ridiculous definition was : the thing that happens between two people when one person wants the other one to check up on them. You know, like when you're eating or exercising or something.

Yes. I know that is a perfectly random description, but can you tell what the word is? I'll mention it tomorrow, if I can still remember it...

Monday, October 4, 2010

Purple Rain

I got wet today.

It rained.

I happily trekked across campus through the lovely sprinkling of rain to realize that raindrops look pretty interesting on a bright purple. In fact, it looks really pretty. It reminded me of a song by LeAnn Rimes titled "Purple Rain" a tune that inspired me in FAWM 2008 to write a short piece titled "Almost Rain."

So, I dusted off my file directory and hunted around to find this old piece. It's a few years old (duh!) and I haven't touched or retouched it since the day I wrote it. Please excuse the roughness, but if you can follow the tune/rhythm, I hope it makes you smile.

The sky is clear
The wind is free
I see you
I see me

Almost rain
Almost rain
I can see you walking out
Before the storm rolls in

The sky clouds up
The wind is fierce
You talk to me
I talk to you

Almost rain
Almost rain
I can see you walking out
Before the storm rolls in

The sky is dark
The wind lives
You hear me
I hear you

Almost rain
Almost rain
I can see you walking out
Before the storm rolls in

The storm is here
The wind is strong
Stay with me
I stay with you

Almost rain
Almost rain
I can see you walking out
Before the storm rolls in

Rain-walking was fun.

And yes, I was wearing purple. That's what made it stick in my head for today.


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Banners, Covers and other NaNo Things

Yep, it's another nano-themed post!

Since I didn't intend to post anything over the weekend, I figured I'd just go ahead and post my banner and cover for this year's NaNo. It's not a big deal, but the title and genre are set.

Title: Blood Library
Genre: Christian Fantasy
Synopsis: A current WIP (as in, my brain hasn't decided yet) :P

The shiny new nano forums are up and running btw, if you'd like to add me to your buddy list, click here! I love to chat about anything writing-related and I don't mind reading excerpts or having a word war.

So, here's the cover:
and I have two different banners.  ~_^

The running tagline is : Her bleeding heart could/might save them all.

I'm thinking of making it a definite, but we'll see. The plot is still dancing around in my head, so a synopsis will be awhile in coming. On the bright side, it's proof that NaNo is right around the corner! I'm still a bit hyper about it. ^_^

Friday, October 1, 2010

Crooked : Part 3(Final) Friday Fiction

This week's Friday Fiction is hosted by Rick "Hoomi" over @ his blog, Pod Tales and Ponderings. Click here to read and share more great fiction!

Author's Ramblings: This didn't end the way I wanted it to, but I don't feel like letting it run on for so long, so I've ended it as is. Perhaps I'll write a finisher sometime and post it for those who'd care to know the finer details of Rook and Violet's story. This installment is a bit rushed and piecey. I haven't  edited it at all, so please forgive any stupid mistakes. I didn't do them deliberately. A quick note, the Biostris is a Manta-Ray monster like creature that flies/hovers and spits fire, carving huge holes in the ground with its spiked tail. (hence the picture of the manta ray below) This is one reason why the knights thought that dragons were responsible for the destruction and also the reason the dragons are there to fight the creature. ^_^ Thanks for taking the time to read and have a great weekend! (on a side note, one month until NaNoWriMo starts. If you don't know what I'm talking about, hop over to my scarlet blog and check out the Nano-themed posts!) If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Happy reading!

They didn’t see it coming.

If they had, there might have been something they could’ve done to delay the inevitable, at least, a moment to breathe before the chaos began. As it was, chaos did not ensue, but misery came as the pain had promised.

The pain had come the instant they’d stumbled across the unwanted dragon. The mystical creature was far larger in reality that either of them had expected. Rook witnessed the first hint of the difficulties to come when the dragon-slaying Jed, couldn’t activate his enchanted sword.

“Jed?” He dared to whisper.