Friday, October 1, 2010

Crooked : Part 3(Final) Friday Fiction

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Author's Ramblings: This didn't end the way I wanted it to, but I don't feel like letting it run on for so long, so I've ended it as is. Perhaps I'll write a finisher sometime and post it for those who'd care to know the finer details of Rook and Violet's story. This installment is a bit rushed and piecey. I haven't  edited it at all, so please forgive any stupid mistakes. I didn't do them deliberately. A quick note, the Biostris is a Manta-Ray monster like creature that flies/hovers and spits fire, carving huge holes in the ground with its spiked tail. (hence the picture of the manta ray below) This is one reason why the knights thought that dragons were responsible for the destruction and also the reason the dragons are there to fight the creature. ^_^ Thanks for taking the time to read and have a great weekend! (on a side note, one month until NaNoWriMo starts. If you don't know what I'm talking about, hop over to my scarlet blog and check out the Nano-themed posts!) If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Happy reading!

They didn’t see it coming.

If they had, there might have been something they could’ve done to delay the inevitable, at least, a moment to breathe before the chaos began. As it was, chaos did not ensue, but misery came as the pain had promised.

The pain had come the instant they’d stumbled across the unwanted dragon. The mystical creature was far larger in reality that either of them had expected. Rook witnessed the first hint of the difficulties to come when the dragon-slaying Jed, couldn’t activate his enchanted sword.

“Jed?” He dared to whisper.

His knight-friend didn’t even shrug in reply, instead choosing to charge straight in, regardless of the strength of his blade. Of course, Grena couldn’t let him rush to his death in such a manner and her dashing after him, led to Rook hurrying after her, which brought the knightly trio into a lovely wooded clearing, with a giant black-scaled dragon towering over them.

At first, it didn’t seem to be much of a problem, until Jed managed to land a blow between the fat, armored scales of the dragon’s neck. This particular development brought a new host of troubles for the trio.

The very moment Jed’s sword pierced the reptilian skin, a ferocious roar ripped through the forest from the dragon’s scaly lips. It was a roar loud enough to wake the almost-dead or the living, depending on who was listening at the moment. It was also accompanied by a volley of flame that burned a black trail through the nest of forest.

An answering roar was the second hint.

It arrived within seconds.

Thank you for reading this excerpt! Crooked has now been officially rewritten, revised and published as an ebook. Click here to find the whole story!

© Sara Harricharan


Kristina Rohder said...

Oh my goodness, these battle scenes were intense! O.o
Anyway, the creativity of your writing always amazes me. The detailed alternate universes that you create are simply awesome! :)

Catrina Bradley... said...

Great story, Sara!

Christina Banks said...

I have to admit that this wasn't what I was anticipating from the start of the story, but I enjoyed it very much.

Yvonne Blake said...

The princess having a white fluffy cat in battle made me laugh, but then it seemed to fit right in.
As usual, you amaze me with your imagination, Sara!

Linda Glaz said...

Sara, you're a writing machine!