Saturday, October 16, 2010


Definition: Last day of an 8-day week. Usually occurs when one should be experiencing the expected two-day weekend. Is a direct result from serious thought and possible side-effect of reality when sanity fails.

No, I'm not really that far gone at the moment. Fairly close to it though, fairly close to it. Yes, I know, I've been skipping out for most of this week, but I have legitimate excuses *cough*midterms*cough* and of course, I've been busying writing and Nanowrimo-plot wrangling. ^_^

Please be warned that these are drabbles from the brain of an exhausted university student. (or so she says at 1AM). Yes. Bother that Night Owl Syndrome.

Now, onto a coherent post. I think. Maybe. 

The week has not been bad, rather, it's gotten cold fairly quickly and so I've spent my unfrozen time between school and sanity. I've also received the first of my "NaNo Loot", the official Mug! I love it to pieces already and yes, the first drink I had in it was Dr. Pepper. And it tasted really good.

To account for coherency, I'm going to take a prompt.

and, drumroll please, the prompt was "Look at your hands. Why are you grateful for them?"

This lovely pic was taken by Kevin Thom and seemed to symbolize the sudden prompt of hands. 
Hmmm, good question. Well, I'm looking at my hands (in between of typing this of course!) and I kinda like them. They're nice and thin and they have nicely polished fingernails in burgundy and silver. I love that I can use them to write by typing on a keyboard. That I can use them to help, as well as to hurt. I like having hands that can hold my new nano mug and feel the weight, the coolness and the texture of the logo. I love being able to feel my keyboard, smooth and warm. I'm grateful for having hands that let me help people. I am grateful that I have the choice to use them for good things and not troublesome ones. I am grateful for the thoughts and memories that they bring me. I am grateful for the thoughts and memories I will continue to have and create with them.

So, I've looked at my hands.

I have to say, I think I like 'em pretty well.


and yes, I'm rambling.