Sunday, November 28, 2010

NaNo Day 27: 2010 Updates!

I did it!

Finally hit my 100k tonight and can now go to bed and focus on reality tomorrow.

Maybe. LOL.

This month has been ridiculous, but fun nonetheless and I'm glad to be able to post a "final" word count of sorts, to let y'all know that I made it through. I wasn't just bluffing or whining or talking about it, I did actually do it. While I didn't get to document it, I did finish and I've got quite a few pages to prove it. Thanks to all who kept cheering me on and encouraging me through this wonderful experience. I look forward to it every year and I'm glad I kept up with it in spite of all the ridiculousness that life simply throws at you when you're trying to do something for yourself. ^_^

The story still has some ways to go, I'll let you know what's going to happen with that as soon as I figure it out for myself. Thanksgiving was a wonderful family holiday for me-and I'll sum it up by saying I am very Thankful that I was able to participate in NaNo. It has shown me a few more things to be thankful for in life and reality. I think that's a good note to end this rambly post on.

Happy Nanoing to all of you cramming in your last words--you can do it! Trust me on this, you really can. I'm cheering for ya! ^_^



Joanne Sher said...

You're awesome, Sawa. So proud of you for persevering (and I know, perhaps more than most years in the past, that's part of what it was!).

LOVE you!

Michelle Gregory said...

yay for Sara! congrats.

Erin said...

100K? You rock!!! Congratulations!