Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year (short story)

A/N=(Author's Note). Happy new year! I'm still up--I had to write out my first piece for the year. It's short, barely even 200 words, but it captures a touch of the new year image I had stuck in my head. It is meant to be an abstract tribute. Props to my Dad for inspiring this one. ~_^

Happy New Year, Lord.

I have to wish you all the best for the new year. I can’t help it. I’m so happy right now, I think it might break. Everything is so pretty and perfect, I feel as if I smile it will all disappear.

Sometimes the past is so strange.

Sometimes the future is so strange

Sometimes the present—stays the same.  

I can feel something like happiness, trickling through my soul, spilling into the corners of grey-white delight and dashing all about before I can make a sound. I can feel it. It feels so special.

Thank you.

Something like hope is swimming through the air, brushing around my neck and slipping inside my ears. I feel it in my very bones. It makes me smile. I feel as if I could shout and sing. I feel hope.

Thank you.

This clean slate, this brand-newness. This thing I cannot put my finger upon—thank you, my dearest heavenly Father. For the life that you have given me, the freedom that you breathe into me, the strength that you are in me.

In this new year, I am yours, entirely.

This past year has been so many different things. You have held me. You have taught me. You have watched over me, so carefully. You have always loved me, even when I thought I hated you.

When I didn’t understand, when I didn’t care, when I wasn’t going to make a stand—You reached inside and pulled me up. Shook me out and hung me up. Dusted me off and stood me up.


Peace. Strength. Hope.

You hold my hand and also my heart.

I cannot wait to see how you will use me this year, Father. Daddy. Creator and lover of my very existence, I am yours, past, present, future.

Happy New Year.

© Sara H.


Anonymous said...

A beautiful tribute, Sara.
When I think of you being happy,
I see bright, bouncy colors.
Hugs! Happy New Year!

Joanne Sher said...

Didn't know you KNEW how to write short (giggle!). LOVE this. It's SO your heart. Happy New Year, sweet Sawa!!