Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hide n' NO seek

If you could see my face right now, I'm hoping the expression it bears is something between frustration and annoyance. Frustration, because my fingers aren't typing as fast as I want them to so I can successfully complete all the things I have to do today--in addition to whipping out a nifty blog post, and annoyance because I've virtually vacationed for the past month or so.

*hands out typewritten apologies on pretty, shiny cardstock*  

Er, yes. My apologies. I am alive. I am still here. I am doubly frustrated and annoyed at the speed in which this new year has come to life. I've been drowning in homework (the semester started within the first week of the year*sigh*) and all that I have written, I have not yet had the time to type it up.

The perpetual list of things I want to do has been replaced with a revolving list of post-it notes strewn across my workspace and somewhere on the top of them all is a little note "blogging". It's beginning to feel like a game of hide n' seek, except for there's no seeking involved. Imagine that. If you've been wondering what happened, I'll say "School. Life. School. School." and that would be correct.

But, my point isn't to whine to ramble on pointlessly. Just to make an actual note that I haven't disappeared from the bloggy world. I've actually been enjoying a few creative moments (though I never did finish those Christmas fic, pieces, I do have three of them halfway completed and a new snippet for a new zero-fantasy serial!) and I'm already gearing up for FAWM 2011.

Life is unexpected. Stuff happens. But that doesn't mean we can't deal with it and keep on living. So for this post, it looks like you found me. Tada! I'm here! And hopefully, consistency won't be a thing left in 2010. I haven't made my yearly theme post or badge, but it'll appear soon enough. Keep an eye out for it.

And smile.


Anonymous said...

THERE you are! Hugs!
Keep your head above water
and don't drown in the