Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ground Floor (BBT)

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There’s something wonderful about getting in on the ground floor of an author’s career–about being one of the first people to read and admire them, before they became famous best-sellers.

Which authors have you been lucky enough to discover at the very beginning of their careers? And, if you’ve never had that chance, which author do you WISH you’d been able to discover at the very beginning?

Tamora Pierce.  I love her books so much--it would have been awesome to be one of the first people to discover what an amazing writer she is.


Joanne Sher said...

Soooo - what does she write, Sawa? I'm sure you've mentioned her before, but I can't remember.

Sara Harricharan said...

JJ--she writes the best medieval fantasy ever. She had two series about women knights in a time where women weren't regarded as 'equal' in that sense and they were awesome. Very realistic and engaging--I have several of her books.