Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Chai Time #2

Poetic moments and general randomness are some of the things that usually sneak up on me. This was probably one of those moments that I wasn't looking for, because when it did come, the first thing I realized is that I have a keyboard in front of me and a blank blog post. The same blank blog post I've been staring at for some time, so, for lack of anything sensible to add to this, I give you--a poetic moment--over tea.

Cup. Tea. China. 
Something about it
Reminds me of
Tea. Cup. China. 
Not India? 
Make it stop the mystery
Make it write a tragedy
Stories of secrets
Secrets of stories
Cup. Tea. Cup
Tea. Cup. Tea. 
Something, anything
Make it into one thing
Make it stop
Bothering me
As I slowly drink it 

And that is my non-rhyming poetic brilliance at the moment. I'm off to bed, I think. Happy dreamstuffits.


Joanne Sher said...

Love it. drink it ALL :) JJ