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Disperse (Part 5) [Friday Fiction]

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Author's Ramblings: This week's installment is really, really, really SUPER short. LOL. Imagine that. No, wait, don't faint, I didn't mean to shock anyone. *smile* I've just a lot going on at the moment and didn't want to leave this story hanging. Please enjoy the teaser-style installment and leave a comment if you feel so inclined. Happy weekend!  (To find older installments, click on the tag labeled "Disperse Serial--thanks!)

RECAP: Othello decided to turn back and retrieve Ebony from the clutches of her unusual kidnappers. Brin was dispatched to find some important information, while Ebony was trapped inside an old warehouse. 

Othello could feel his controlled mask slipping somewhere between the darker insanities of his unusual powers and the annoying mental puzzled presented by the odd girl he couldn’t even name. There’d been something disturbing about the unafraid, unhurried and comfortable way the mystery girl had reacted to them. He couldn’t put his finger on it. There was simply something off about her decidedly disinterested attitude in a situation that had definitely been unique. It was not something that even an average street kid could pull off to that level. 

He’d been using his eyes in full strength when he’d questioned her.

She hadn’t so much as flinched.

At the thought of them, twin points between his shoulder blades ached fiercely and he winced. He hadn’t meant to draw on them so deeply, but she’d managed to frustrate him in the space of a few minutes. The fact that he’d witnessed Brin dose her with enough poison to down an elephant wasn’t missed either. She obviously was more than human, though he had yet to define what kind of gifted human she was.

She also hadn’t given them the slightest clue about herself, though granted, she hadn’t done much apart from sleeping or pretending to sleep.

He didn’t need to be a genius to know that she was faking it, and while she’d been pretty good at it, Brin’s confirmation was all he needed to know that something was up.

No, something was wrong—there was definitely no up about it! He thought, grimly, shifting gears and coaxing the car to leap ahead. He knew the signs of that too well, as an information broker, it meant the deal had just gone sour. He needed to cut his losses and regroup, combing over anything left for potential holds on the burned client.

It was simply the way he had to do business.

The laptop shifted on the empty passenger seat and he frowned. He hated ordering Brin around, but the man was like a cat, loathe to take orders and do anything, save for remaining somewhat loyal to the hand that fed and sheltered him. His grip on the steering wheel tightened. No, Brin was more like a snake—a very useful, dangerous and mysterious snake. Their friendship had somehow managed to survive and endure the past that had nearly consumed them both.

He hoped that the price wasn’t too steep.

In the increasingly uncomfortable nature of her current situation and location, Ebony finally decided that she’d had enough. As far as she could tell, conversation was circling about in a haphazard manner and she didn’t particularly care whether her escape would cause a headache for her original captors or her new ones.

The first duo of Othello and Brin had seemed quite entertaining, she’d thought for a few brief moments, that perhaps they might have had something more than a passing acquaintanceship. Ebony sighed. Perhaps that was merely wishful thinking on her behalf. Her stomach rumbled faintly and she was reminded of her non-existent dinner. 

Her eyes ached and she had a feeling they were changing colors again. That couldn't be good either. It would give away what she'd been trying to hide so far. It was rare enough to be an elemental and a captive one--well, that wasn't very smart of her. 

I guess that settles it. She thought wryly, flexing her wrists and feet. It wouldn't be hard to escape, but in the moments where she was attempting said escape--things were bound to become chaotic.

Sucking in her breath, Ebony drew on her elemental powers, burning the bonds that held her to a nice, even crisp. The charred pieces crumbled away as she stood up, abruptly. It had been a while since she’d had the chance to burn anything to the ground. Now as she thought about it, it seemed like a very good thing to do.

Rolling her neck to the side with an audible snap, Ebony smiled.

It wasn’t hard to pull on her elemental gifts, first that of the earth and then that of fire. She’d bring the warehouse crashing down and then she’d set it on fire. That would be enough of a distraction for her to run away and for the suitable destruction of any possible evidence in regards to the Echo family.

© Sara Harricharan


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Hi Linda! Thanks for stopping by to read and leave a comment. I'm having fun writing this serial. ^_^