Tuesday, July 12, 2011

F is for Fantasy!

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Didja see the title, didja? Huh, huh? Well, didja?

C'mon now, I'm sure that you all saw this coming.


Capital F....FANTASY!

Please prepare yourself, dear reader, because we are going to travel back in time a few paces to reminisce about my writing life up to this current point. It shall be short and I will try my best to make it painless.

Er--if it still hurts, then look at the pretty pictures and move on, okay? Good job! ^_^

Now, onto the post. F stands for fantasy in my little wonderful corner of the world.

A truly wonderful, allegorical read!
By now, if you're reading my blogs and have read some of what I write, you know that I dabble on both ends of the spectrum. I can write a perfectly wonderful, slice of life vignette that has absolutely nothing to do with fantasy-anything and then I can spend an entire summer writing an unedited serial dealing with everything from superpowers, outerspace interaction, villains that control shadows and plenty of ridiculous dialogue. Of course, my recent obsession has been "genderless" and introspective shorts, dealing with a nameless character and their tangled, stream-of-consciousness as they try to understand one point, but I'm getting off topic here. Back to the letter and the letter is....wait for it...Froot loops! (no, wait, that's probably what I ate earlier that's making this post such a random block of whatever...)

I love my fantasy worlds. I love my fantasy books (at least the few that I read, anyway). Specifically, I love writing Christian Fantasy. If it doesn't have some sort of faith-filled twist involved, rest assured that it is as clean a snapshot of fantasy that you'll find. I decided fairly late after I had started writing, that what I really loved to write was the outlandish, ridiculous world of science fiction and fantasy. I quickly flipped from classic fantasy to the "Christian Fantasy" because it bothered me to see that there was so little, if any of it, out there at all.

To read an awesome story with strong heroes and heroines, with talents, gifts or powers and have them credit such things to their creator was a major turning point for me. I realized that reading that kind of a story was mind-blowingly AWESOME. (kindly excuse my capital letters, but I am a bit hyper, this is seriously one of my favorite subjects to ramble on). I credit Donita K. Paul as being the talented author and writer who solidified this "urge" for me, because after reading her Dragonspell series, I realized there was so much more I could do with my writing gifts--and that I could write what I really wanted to in a way that could really reach people. It's so easy for me to get addicted to the ordinary, that I'd never think to venture into the realms of something different and something new, but this did it for me and I have to say, I'm pretty happy with the result, even if I don't seem to be as coherent as I used to be. (all the extra space in my head is now divided into two sections, the fantasy characters and the non-fantasy ones...they were planning a barbecue the last I heard. *sigh* I told them not to set off any fireworks...)

Hmmm, now I may be getting too serious here. Alright then, I'll make this a quick and easy explanation, my fantasy writing is probably the result of writing too many perfectly normal pieces on a daily/weekly basis.

Teehee. Gotcha.

No, actually, it may be a tad bit of that, because it's pretty easy to create a wacky world when I've had my characters in normal earth settings for quite some time. But I enjoy writing on both sides of the spectrum and I love to know that there are folks who love to read along the lines of that same trend.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my scribbles--I do appreciate it!  *floating off into another fantasy world*


Michelle Gregory said...

i was just telling another blogger that while i love to write fantasy, i hardly ever read it. i'm more of a historical romance girl. sorry i haven't been around much.

Joanne Sher said...

Shoulda GUESSED this would be your choice for F! Fits you perfectly, sweetie! Love you, sawa!

Laury said...

We love your scribbles:) Yes, in Sara's world - F is most definitely for Fantasy with a capital F!