Sunday, July 17, 2011

H is for HYPER and Sherlock Holmes

Ha. You knew Sherlock Holmes was going to show up in here sometime--after all, D was for Nancy Drew right? Just kidding, everyone, I won't subject you all to my favorite literary detectives whenever the letter suits me. To join in the bloggy fun, click here!

Actually, this weekend I finally had the chance to watch BBC's version of "Sherlock" a modernized mini-drama series in which Holmes and Watson meet up and solves cases--in a modern time setting. Think smartphones, laptops, the internet and everything. In a single word--AWESOME! (and yes, it deserves the capital letters!) I laughed, giggled and snickered through the entire pilot episode and then decided I was completely hooked.

Martin Freeman plays a totally convincing Dr. Watson and Holmes...ah, Holmes, just take a look at the picture and tell me if that isn't brilliance in a bottle? ^_^ There is still the lovely touches of old-fashioned humor that I love so well about Sherlock and it was fun to see how special effects played out on his superb deduction skills. If you're a fan of Holmes, check it out. I highly recommend it.

Now, H also stands for hyper.

By hyper, I mean that I am completely over-the-top ecstatic about something that has recently happened in my life. It means I am grinning ear-to-ear as I type this and I've got celebratory music blasting away in the background and brownies somewhere in the kitchen. (Well, the brownies are in the kitchen because I had to eat chocolate while watching Sherlock. There's leftovers for today's celebration!)

I finally published my first ebook.

Hyper cannot begin to explain how excited I am feeling. It has taken me quite some time to put it together, edit, review and format, and today, the final product was sent through to Smashwords and, tada! Trial by Fire is now available as a short story by Sara Harrichan.

WOOT! *happy dancing*

I had a blast designing the cover, writing and rewriting the story and to see the final result, I am so excited, I had to share it in my "H" post. The official synopsis and blurb bit is at my official blog, here.

To find Trial by Fire on Smashwords, click here.

I'm so happy for this moment--I'll even share my brownies. *hands out brownies*

Also a shameless plug of self-promotion, I am handy in designing stuff and if you need a hand with a book cover or something, feel free to bug me. I'm sure we could work something out! ^_^

Thanks for reading my scribbles!


Laury said...

That's awesome, Sara! About your Ebook!!!! Truly worthy of more than 3 exclamation points, let me tell you:) Happy happy happy:)

And yea for brownies. I'm waiting with my hand out. See it? Both hands, in fact. Waiting. Foot tapping. tap... tap... tap...

Niki Turner said...

Congratulations on your e-book! That's awesome!
The BBC version of Sherlock Holmes looks great. Thanks for alerting me to its existence.

Joanne Sher said...

Soooooo excited (and YES, HYPER) for you! Woowoo!!!

Rita Garcia said...

What a fun post! I am sooo excited about your book! Wow! On my way to get a copy right now!

Nancy K. Sullivan said...

Sara, Congratulations on your Ebook. A contemprary Sherlock sounds like great fun. Love your blog, too!

Mid Stutsman said...

SARAH!! My son came home from Spain and the first thing he had us watch was the Sherlock Holmes episodes!! We are hooked and disappointed we can't watch this season... simply loved them...
and I love you!!
So happy for you and your talented writing being published!!