Friday, August 5, 2011

Trial by Water (ebook)

 Trial by Water: Sara Harricharan : Short Story : Christian Fantasy : Book 3 in the Twilight Knight Series

Synopsis: Marcus Gillen is a Twilight Knight with elite Gold Clearance gifted to him since his Knightship. Twilights with Golden Queue training are taught to play a game of wits with their mission objective and Marcus is one of the best. But his latest mission has popped up at a bad time. His gift is water--a double-edged sword to an elemental bearer. It can show him the darkness in the world--and the darkness inside himself. Visiting Kainesworth on assignment opens a new set of puzzles for Marcus, including run-ins with an ancient sea serpent and one strange little girl. Digging deep into his past might provide a few answers, but in doing so, Marcus is forced to take a closer look at himself. The darkness he's fighting may be closer than he thinks. Can he win this game or will he drown trying? Book #3 in the Twilight Knights Series.

Now available for purchase on for $2.99. Click here to purchase. Sample also available for download.


Michelle Fayard said...

Congratulations on your new release, Sarah! I'm a new follower who wishes you much success with this and all your future books.

BTW, thank you very much for the detailed comment you left for my entry in Blackbird in my Window's summer writing contest, I've left a reply at this URL for you.

If you let me know the title of your entry, I'll be sure to comment on it. Thanks again!