Thursday, September 29, 2011

R is for Rawhide

I missed a week.

Well, duh, I'm sure you can already figure that out without my having to bore you with something completely insignificant and trivial as repeating it, but still...I missed it.

I have a really good excuse. :D  Wanna hear it? No? Oh. I was gonna tell you anyway. Oh well...oh, fine. Here we go.

Originally, I wanted to create a Vlog-based cooking tutorial on how to make a rustic Indian flatbread, (my chief staple of Indian cooking!), known as Roti. There are several different kinds, and I was going to focus on the basic one, but in all honesty, every time I am making roti, the very last thing I am interested in is filming or explaining it.

I just wanna make it and eat it and not necessarily in that order either. (I'm not going to explain that...)

Anyhow, I had two alternatives for R and I'm pulling one of 'em out.

R stands for Rawhide, that old black and white cowboy show starting young Clint Eastwood. ^_^ It's fun, it's really-old (the fights are hilarious!), but it's got some interesting messages in there. While I generally don't watch much TV at all, (I am loyal to my favorite shows and that's about it!), I've picked up Rawhide in recent weeks.

One, I like horses. Cowboys ride horses. Check.
Two, I like interesting plots. Rawhide has predictable plots, but interesting ways of going about them. Check.
Three, I like it when things have a point. Most of the time, Rawhide has a point. Check!

So yay, here we go!

The episodes I've seen have been black and white, though I'm sure there's color to be had in there somewhere. Starting from the left going clockwise, you can see the trail boss, Gil Favor, Ramrod (second in command) Rowdy Yates (aka, Young Clint Eastwood!), the scout and tracker, Pete Nolan, the pesky, ornery cook-doc-fix-it guy, Wishbone.

It's a fun show.

Look it up some time if you need a laugh and can stand to sit through some black and white. ^_^

And hopefully I'll get that VLog together sometime. It'd sure be a load of fun to put it together.

Cheers from my corner of the world,


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Patty Wysong said...

Ooooh! I'm gonna hafta look for Rawhide now! Sounds like it'd be a hit around here!

Glad you made it, Sawa!!

Joanne Sher said...

Oooh - I wanna watch Sawa make Roti!!! Do NOT skip it. K??? :)

LOVE you!