Thursday, September 29, 2011

S is for soup!

It's that time of year again.

That wonderfully delicious, delectable and delightful season--Fall. Or Autumn, if you prefer. I love it all, watching the leaves change to all four colors, being able to breathe fresh air without sneezing myself to death from allergies and of course, the slightly overcast skies that make it perfect writing weather for the happy little writer self in me.

Many favorite things come with fall, NaNoWriMo for one (Psst, it's 32 days away as of right now!). Pumpkin pie, (I tend to make them in batches of four), Pumpkin Pie muffins (They come with cream cheese icing, ever had one? Absolutely delish!), and of course, this week's letter, S for SOUP!

I love my soup.

In fall, it's the best kind of changing-weather food and it's so easy to take everywhere. Not to mention, if you make a big ol' pot of something, you can keep on adding stuff. It's fun and it's yummy. I have a super simple vegetable broth soup I love to make for when those sniffles start coming around (as they sometimes do with the colder weather *sigh*), it's tasty and quite quick.

Quick Soup

2 cubes of Rapunzel Vegetable Boullion.  (Soup stock!)
1 Tablespoon B-12 Nutritional Yeast Flakes (Adds flavor and some color)
1 cup diced potatoes 
2 Cups water

That's it. Pix are below. I'm sure y'all know what potatoes and water looks like.... *ducking*

Yeast Flakes!
Found in my local healthfood store
Pop it in a pot on the stove and start it out bubbling, then turn it down to simmer. Check the potatoes to be sure they're cooked. It generally doesn't take too long. I'm one of those "a dash of this and a dash of that" kind of a cook, so specifics are kind of eyeballed here.

But it's kind of close to idiot-proof, as my brothers would say, so no worries. The worst you can do is overcook the potatoes and if you do that, then simply pour it in a blender and blend it up. The result will be a light, cream of potato-styled soup and you can add some milk to make it creamier (or some canned cream of mushroom soup!), if you like. ^_^

Add any other seasonings to taste, I sometimes put in some onion or garlic and whatnot. It's a basic, light soup for if you're feeling kind of blah and just want some nice tastiness on a cold day. ^_^



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Patty Wysong said...

oh man, now I want some potato soup!! But it's 80+ degrees here today!! Maybe next week! ;-) The wind is blowing in some cooler weather. =]

Your soup sounds delish!

Joanne Sher said...

Oooh - sounds yumms, Miss Sawa! Definitely soup weather here today.

And I REALLY wish you'd put a picture of water. I forget sometimes ;)

LOVE ya!
Your JJ

Barbara Lynn Culler said...

Sounds yummy! I just wish the stock stuff wasn't so high is sodium content!