Tuesday, October 25, 2011

W is for What-!?

W can stand for a bajillion things.

I was going to jabber on about Nana Mouskouri and what a lovely, whispery quality her amazing voice has. I was going to talk about Words with Friends, that new Zynga game that's half of everywhere. I was going to cover Widgets (because it's just so fun to say, seriously, say it...Widget. See, didn't that make you smile?)

And then I realized that I just spent x amount of minutes wondering what on earth to post about a single letter, when I really have a bajillion other things to be DOING.

So, here we go!

W is for...WHAT?

Whispering Hopeful Anecdotes Tirelessly....yeah...that should've given you a completely puzzled look. Uh-huh. I was aiming for that. Really and truly.

No, just-kidding. ^_^

But it was fun.

W is for What and What is for:

WHAT? (c) Sara Harricharan October 25th 2011

What do I mean to you?
What am I?
Do I seem like a person?
Or am I just some one?
What are you?
What do you mean to me?
Do you seem like a person?
Or are you just one some?
I see you and I wonder
I wonder what and why
You see me and you wonder,
Your why and how and sigh
So tell me
What am I to you?
Because to me,
You are everything
Everything through and through

Special thanks to a friend for the prompt of poetry. Cheers!

Have a great week, folks.


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Joanne Sher said...

What? SaWa!!! I Wuv u, saWa! You're Wonderful. Fun post!
Your JJ

Rita Garcia said...

Fun! Yes, you made me smile and I need that, that's what! Hugs!

Diana Dart said...

Widgets. It IS fun to say. :D I like your poem, lilting and fun all at the same time.

Melissa Henson said...

I'm in two heated Words with Friends battles right now on my phone... and my phone says, "Problem loading widget." every time I use it. I don't know what a widget is or how to help it load!

Barbara Lynn Culler said...

I get kind of a Dr. Seuss feel to the poem-fun!

Diana Lesire Brandmeyer said...

What? You wrote a poem? LOL great post.

Niki Turner said...

I'm SO not a poetry fan, but I liked this one!
I have a T-shirt that says "What?"
It triggers questions...

Shelley Ledfors said...

What a fun post! I've always loved "widget", too. (You're right...it's just fun to say!) Enjoyed the poem, too.