Wednesday, November 2, 2011

X is for X?

Oooh, fun letter.

X is for X marks the spot.

I love that line. I would dearly love to find a buried treasure in an old mysterious nonexistent location with a wildly, ridiculously real treasure.

And if that made no sense, then I've got pirates on the brain. You know, the whole swords, eye patch, ships at sea, walking planks and maps with hidden treasures? Yeah, that stuff! Great. I'm glad we're on the same post, I mean, page.

X can be for a bunch of things, but I'm singling out two of my favorites. Hidden treasure-because yes, it does exist and so did pirates, therefore hidden treasure is real and so are maps with X's on them. Second, is Professor Charles Xavier from the Learning Institute for Special Education.

And if you didn't catch the second one, that's a reference to X-men and yes, I am a fan. ^_^ A rather dedicated fan, mind you. I actually collect the encylopedia's with the real history and stories in them. I don't just watch the movies and go "oooh, pretty special effects!" Though I do have to say that the effects in X-men First Class were pretty neat.

While the entire storyline was off, it was fun to see a young Professor X running around with a young Mystique, Magneto and Hank. It was really, really fun! I enjoyed the movie and seeing how they added human elements to the "mutants" and kept the story fun, even if it did deviate from the actual realistic history.

Patrick Stewart plays the best Professor Xavier I've known to date. 
Want to know a secret? If you've seen the end, then, well, it didn't happen that way. We all know that Professor X is the most powerful mutant in a wheelchair, yes? No, it didn't happen because of a bullet in his back. *insert eyeroll here* That was the most annoying part of the movie for me, but it also made an interesting snippet for how Mystique joined the other side and where Nightcrawler came from.

If all of the above sounds like gibberish, then ignore it and remember that treasure maps are fun and I'm an X-men fan all the way. Cheers to a great week!

(My Day#1 nanowrimo post is coming right up after this, but I wasn't about to focus it on the letter X, so look it up, if you feel like it. Be warned of hyperness!


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Rita Garcia said...

Sara, thanks for sharing this fun post! I love the idea of X-marks the spot--as in finding a buried treasure. Hugs to you!!

Niki Turner said...

LOVE X-men. There's a wealth (treasure?) of spiritual analogy to be found there, huh?

Laury said...

Too too funny. You know what? Vonnie said our writing styles are lots alike. But you know what else? I chose the title X marks the spot before reading all of these posts today. hahaha:)

Luvu, dear Sara! Missu too! mwa mwa mwa

Sparrow said...

I guess I'll have to watch X-Men someday. You mentioned real history behind it... is it really based on something true, or did you mean the original book/movie?