Sunday, December 4, 2011

Centerpiece (Flash Fiction)

Found on Google Images, a balloon flowerpot.

It’s in the middle of the table.

It’s the most hideously garish thing I’ve ever laid eyes on.

But she’s sitting across the table from me and as our eyes meet above the neon tangles of it, there’s a challenge in those wickedly dark orbs. She’s daring me, silently, to disapprove of her choice. Daring me to disagree with her. Daring me to prove that I won’t take her and everything that she has to offer.

Begging me, almost, to prove that she is unworthy of the love that I can no longer hold back.



Simultaneous+Reality said...

"I’m having such a hard time getting into your “flash fiction” snippets."

__Hello again and how are you Sara? I (J.H.) am still alive, still writing, and still thinking about this "re-emerging genre." When I made that statement over a year ago, I confess I was thinking like a 21st century critic of the short short story: well, it's too short to be a 'real' story. Ever since reading Tara Masih's "Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction", I'm understanding the appeal of "concise yet creative exploration"; another writer I know believes he's best at this storytelling medium because it forces people to "think beyond plot lines." Ok, I'll bite. And so I thought of you and your 1000 dares challenge; who else is practicing this craft this intensely (I'm sure you've more morsels of wisdom than I)? I'll be working in batches of five. You'll have to forgive the brevity of my initial commentaries--not sure what to look for.

Sara Harricharan said...

Hi J.H! It's great to hear from you. I hope things have been well on yoru end. I'm sure you know how ridiculously busy a graduating year/semester(s) at University can be, so you already know how I've been. ;) I hope your writing has been coming along well! Are you doing Nano this year?

These flash fiction snippets, (I don't remember if I explained where/why they popped up), were due to some writing exercises I did after a writer's retreat the year before last. One of the promises we made were along the lines of writing something every single day for a year. I chose to journal halfway through that, so I only have a handful of prompts to show for it. We were given a single word and a two minute timer--one minute to write and another minute to edit and then we had to pronounce it "finished". It was quite fun and very exhausting and stretching for the imagination at the same time.

I haven't read the field guide to writing flash fiction, but it sounds quite interesting! I have several writer friends who are into flash fiction and micro-fiction (think twitter style shorts), who handle it very well. I think certain styles suit certain writers, simply because when we, as writers, write what we love, it shows. ;) I have certainly tried my best though, to explore all the different types of writing out there. Thanks for taking the time to comment, as usual. I do appreciate the time and effort this must take.