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Benched (Friday Fiction)

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Author's Ramblings: This is actually a flash fiction prompt for "Bench" That I decided to expand, just because Nella is a fun character, though a bit of a brat. It features an original idea of mine for a sport called Disc, where players have four corners of a large outdoor field to protect and several flying discs to deflect as "Balls". Certain moves can be used with certain powers or simply on the physical endurance of the player. Some moves are outlawed, for certain health reasons, mental, physical, etc. I thought that was a good spot to start off this rambling bit with. Enjoy! 

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“Bench, now!” Shreena bellowed, her dark eyes snapping with anger. “I can’t believe you, Nella.” She growled, her gloved hands fisted and resting on her broad hips. Her glare could’ve melted the protective gear that the lithe redhead before her wore. “That’s an outlawed maneuver and you knew it! I can’t believe it! Are you trying to get us blacklisted? They could kick us out of the tournament for this!”

"They can't ban all of you." Nella rolled her eyes. "And it was a perfectly legal move several decades ago, they just changed the rules for stupid reasons."

"Not stupid reasons!" Shreena struggled to keep her temper from expressing itself in more physical means, a feat visible by the way that her hands were twitching in spite of the stiff dragonhide gloves. "A full bodyslam against a reinforced sidewinder disc is not something to take lightly and you know fully well the reasons why it was outlawed for women to perform such moves! Don't you even care? Do you even know what you did? I can't believe this! I can't believe you!"

“You and me both, coach.” The Halfter frowned, readjusting her wrist guards. “Really, Nell, for shame.” There was a faint quirk of her lips and she turned away with a toss of her head. She'd have to take the redhead's position as a side hitter in left quarter and she was not looking forward to it. Halfter was her pride and joy as far as titles went and this was certainly not something that she would've seen happening in the first half of the Drakken Championships.

Nella shuffled to the bench and dropped down with an audible thunk to show her displeasure. She opted to study the game chart pinned on the corner of the dugout and pretended that nothing else mattered.

They’d never figure it out.

They’d never know.

She’d certainly never tell.

Only a female with Arsonne’s Gift could perform that trick–illegal or not. It would be just the thing to save their little world from the darker days ahead. The games had everyone on edged, but only for the sake of the bet that every world was riding on. Sure, Drakken was in danger, as was every other planet and yes, they might be the only decent team playing to win in hopes of freedom, but still, the villains weren't playing fair, so why should they?

Nella sniffed.

She'd thrown the move in there on spur of the moment when she'd seen the opposing team's Halfter employ an outlawed move of her own. Doing something that obvious would ensure, at the very least, that all referees were on the lookout for moves both above and below the line.

At least, the second half of the game might be fare.

If not, they were doomed.

Though, now that she thought about it, there had to be a way around it.

Her brilliant mind snapped to work and Nella relaxed on the bench. She could trust them to win the game and they could trust her to take care of everything else.

In this case, everything else would be a certain piece of incriminating evidence housed in the Minster's Westbring office and in a difficult spot with certain protections over it that hindered all thoughts of accessibility.

Nella hummed in thought, remembering the feel as she'd performed the necessary twist and tuck of the bodyslam. It had been very satisfying.

And the disc had zoomed away with something she'd never felt before.

I bet it could blast through their securities... She mused. I guess I've done it after all. I'll just have to slip in there and grab it tonight and as long as they win this game, we're good. Scot-free and homebound.

Pity they'd never see what hit them.

Nella smirked.

(C) Sara Harricharan


Catrina Bradley... said...

How fun, Sara! I got a little Harry Potter vibe from this story. :)

Hoomi said...

Planning on expanding this to a longer story, beyond this expansion? It definitely has the potential, and I can't think of anyone better to write it!

Sara Harricharan said...

Thanks guys! It's an idea I've got partially plotted out. Perhaps a future Nano will get it all out on the page.