Sunday, February 5, 2012

Camera (Flash Fiction)

Found on Google Images



The camera shutter flickered up and down.

She smiled, balancing half-heartedly along the thin, stone wall. “Did you get it?”

“Almost, I think.” He fumbled with the camera and smiled. It was the best he could offer, a shy, sweet smile that made her own reflection of it several times brighter.

“Try again.” She called out. This time she held her arms open wide and turned, facing the horizon was if she were a sea wife, waiting for the sea to bring her husband home.”

The photography student peered through the viewer again, the easy smile staying on his face. It was working after all. The sea always cheered her up. Now, if he could just play his part in this game, he'd be able to touch her--to make her see life again, to remind her to smile. Hope lingered as he depressed the shutter once more.

"Did you get it?" She called again. She turned to look over her shoulder.


(c) Sara Harricharan