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Dragonchilde (Friday Fiction)

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Author's Ramblings: I've got dragons on the brain. *wince* Sorry! I'm afraid this piece might make far more sense in my head than on paper, but it simply won't let it alone and Gayle, well, she just likes getting her own way and then I decided on emptying my head a bit, so here we go! It is an excerpt from a WIP, so be warned. It is rough.  Do enjoy the read and let me know what you think. Love it? Hate it? Not quite your cup of tea? Leave a comment and let me know. Cheers!
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Christian Fantasy : Contemporary : Excerpt

“Is she here yet?”

“Not yet. I can’t hear her.”

“Check again.”

“Already did. Stop talking.”

“She’s running late.”

“By half and parsed seconds. Shut up.”

“She’s running late, Todd!”

“As if I don’t know that, would you calm down already?”

“They could’ve gotten to her by now!”

“And if they did, then neither of us would be standing here so calmly.” He huffed. “For goodness sake’ Gayle, get ahold of yourself!”

“I do have a—oh shut up, you big-!”

“Shh. Is that her?”

“Oh, so now you’re hearing her?”

He glared at her, but the look was somewhat tempered. “You’re dancing on ice.” He muttered. “Were it any other man here but me.” He stuffed his hands deeper into the pockets of his thin jacket.

“Don’t talk to me about ice.” She shivered. “And never mind, you love me anyway ‘cause I’m adorable, remember?”

“I’m trying. It’s rather hard to do.”

She stuck her tongue out. “I hope you’re right and that better be her.”

“Cold?” He stomped his feet as quietly as he dared, using the movements to push his energy over him to provide what tentative warmth that he could. Winter was really the worst season out of them all.

She scowled at him.

His hands fell out from his pockets and he rubbed them briskly together. After a moment, he extended his arms.

She eyed him warily. “We can’t.”

“If they were going to find us, they’d have done it by now.” His arms fell back to his sides and he brought his hands up to blow on them. His breath made the customary puffs of white in the wintry air. "What sort of dunce do you take me for? Surely you don't expect me to watch you freeze simply because you don't feel like using your brain."

Her smile trembled. “She’ll be here, won’t she?”

“She’ll be here.”

“You’re sure?”

“Hawks came through for you, kiddo.” He snagged her coat sleeve and gave it a good tug. She tumbled back into his arms and he hugged her close. “He’s never let any of you kids down.”

“I’m not a kid!”

“You’re centuries younger than me and therefore that makes you a kid, youngling.” He pressed a kiss to her cool forehead. “You are freezing.” His brow furrowed together. “Aren’t you regulating your body heat?”

“Like I have time for that.” Her teeth began to chatter. “Where is she?”

“Hush.” He tightened his hold on her. “You’ve plenty of time. Start now. Are you trying to give me grey scales?”

“No need, Tracey’s got that all covered.” 

He growled, low in his throat.

She ignored it.


“Don’t wanna!”

He let go and gave her a shove forward. “That wasn’t a suggestion, child.” The hint of ancients tinged his voice. “Now, before you freeze to death.”

She sniffed, skittering back a few safe steps. “I’ll be fine. I’m half ice anyway, what’s it matter?” She hopped a few times. “Hawks should be here by now.”

“It’s Hawks, of course he’s not here yet. You’re changing the subject and I’ve noticed. Try harder next time.”

“I hear something.”

“I can’t sense her yet. It’s nothing.”

“I heard something!”

“You’re hearing nothing!” This time, his blue eyes flashed a dark shade of grey. “Now, Shura!”

There was a half-angry shriek and then where the young woman had been standing, a small dragon crouched, shivering  in the shelter and shadow of the cold woods.

Todd’s frown eased a mere fraction. “You have your own self to blame for that.” He scolded. “Center your energies and push them outward. Use the effort to generate some heat and then direct it where you need it.”

A whiny snort came from the little creature—a delicate, scaled figure no higher than his waist, a brilliant snowy-white with sky-blue runes tattooed across the broad back and strong shoulder blades. When the snort didn’t earn a reply, the dragon attempted a whimper.

The man didn’t bother to answer that.

Something rustled ahead in the bushes and his head whipped around in that direction. “Stay!” He growled to his side and leapt forward, morphing in mid-motion, a blur of green and brown.

Angry snarls and a sudden backlash of energy fanned out into the little clearing where Gayle waited. She fell over onto her side with a squeak of surprise, scaled wings and paws struggling to right her in the aftermath.


A keening wail built in her throat, but she didn’t dare release it. They’d been through that conversation before he’d agreed to bring her along. She must remain silent. He’d extracted her honorable promise that she would.

He gave her no choice.

The white dragon quivered for a moment, a faint sniffle coming from the slender snout.

Crashing underbrush signaled the approach of something.

With some effort, she drew on her natural talents, calling up the chameleon-esque ability to blend into her surroundings. 

Relief swamped her a moment later when a humanoid Todd stumbled back to her, a golden armful, cradled close to his chest. There were several angry slashes on his formerly flawless face. The redness streamed down in shaky, sluggish rivulets.

“Take her!” He thrust the armful towards her as the white dragonet morphed from beast to beauty in a heartbeat. “She’s safe. Keep her safe.” His dark eyes pierced through her. “Swear it on your honor, Gayle. May The One go with you. Do not stay back for me!”

A roar sounded hollowly behind them.

The instinctive shudder that spasmed through her human body drew a strangled cry that lodged in her throat.

“Your honor, Gayle!” Desperation showed in dark eyes that were rapidly fading to blue.


“You must protect her.” He whispered. “Do not let all the sacrifices up to now go to waste for the sake of  your own selfishness, child. Go.” This time, the full weight of his ancient tone swept over her.

Gayle choked. Tears streamed down her face, a silent cry burning up as she realized what he was doing. She could not—would not—be able to deviate. The Voice sang through her veins and prompted the transformation that sprouted thick, leathery wings from betwixt her shoulder blades.

Warmth flooded through her body as she shed the caution that had demanded she hide her very self—her dragon aura. The energy rippled through her in powerful, successive waves. With a powerful heave and a quiet grunt, Gayle was airborne.

Soft snuffles came from the precious bundle in her arms and she dared to look down. A cherubic dragonet of shimmering gold and jade peered sleepily up at her. The unguarded and innocent expression was marred by the backdrop of shaking trees as they rose higher in the air.

Flame and smoke began to show.

Gayle drew a shaky breath. He’d win. He always won.

Trees crashed. Roars vibrated through the chilly air.

She squeezed the bundle to her chest, vaguely aware that the baby dragon had shifted forms to a human toddler—sensing her distress and not knowing how to handle it in its true form.

A horrible, terrible cry rent through the air.

She cried as her wings carried them to safety.

© Sara Harricharan. 

A/N: And, well? Did you like it? LOL. To clarify, the idea is dragons who use halfling forms, appearing human until their natural forms are required. I am also using the idea of dragons being protective of their young and living for centuries, so Todd is a rather old, elder dragon and Gayle happens to be a youngling who he's mentored for a bit. Shura is also a nickname for female dragon/youngling. Todd means it as an affection and somewhat of a last resort. Anyway, thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the read! ^_^ 


Kristina said...

I love this! Gayle is a wonderful character. She is spunky and outspoken, yet sensitive and caring. I would love to read more of this story. Your ideas are so creative! Fantastic writing as always, my dear! ^_^

Catrina Bradley... said...

I enjoyed it a LOT! Your explanations at the end weren't even necessary. Your story told itself. :)