Thursday, February 2, 2012

Epic (Flash Fiction)

Found on Google Images


He stood there and gaped, like a baboon thrown into a New York Traffic Street, with the last memory having something to do with a banana split.

Knowing him as I did, something suggested that I ought to just stand there right alongside him and lend my elegance and taste to the scene.

We stood there.

We stared.

I waited.

He stared some more.

And finally, when I was about ready to whack him about the head and shoulders, he turned with that absolutely angelic smile on his face and breathed the one word that made all the sacrifice worth it.


(c) Sara Harricharan


Joanne Sher said...

Okay - you NEED to expand this one, Sawa. And I adore your imagery.

Bridges Stevenson said...

I like it. It's like flash flash fiction, epic