Saturday, February 4, 2012

Plans (Flash Fiction)

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"For I know the plans I have for you..."

Yes, plans, but Lord--help me. How am I to stay sane for these plans to come to past? I feel as if I am being torn apart the harder I try to cling to you. What am I doing wrong?

What is wrong with me?

"Plans to prosper you and not to harm you..."

But I'm being torn apart and you're not doing anything? Please...I don't know what's going on and I"m scared. I'm so afraid. Why are you letting this happen? Why won't you stop it?

What have I done to deserve this?

"Plans to give you hope and a future"

I don't really get it, but I kind of do. Go ahead. It's okay. I'm sorry I've been complaining, but please, go ahead. Tear me apart, as long as your hands are the ones putting me back together again. I know you do not simply 'let' things happen, that which will happen, does.

You are my strength through this. Always.

For your plans are absolute.

Absolute perfection.

(c) Sara Harricharan

A/N: Verse used is Jeremiah 29:11 NIV.


Joanne Sher said...

Love this, sweetie. As long as He puts us back together...

Anonymous said...

I admire your attitude - I have been struggling with this for years. I'm afraid I don't give in as easy - I'm a "why" girl. It comes down to trust - and I'm at my wits end. Blow after blow after blow. I know God loves the world and our Saviour died for all our sins - but what about me? Me as an individual - what does God do for me? How can I know He loves me - lumpy, grumpy me? It certainly is a journey. Thanks for the verse. So many examples of God's individual care in the scriptures are with people that He gave visions, dreams, visitations to. What do I have to cling to? If I haven't seen and angel or been stopped on the road by light or experience dreams - what do I have as my touchstone? I am discouraged. I know God holds up the universe - but what about my heart...

Sara Harricharan said...

@JJ--thank you! I just thought it fit the prompt and everything came together. :)

@Anonymous: Thank you for taking the time to comment and share. I struggle with that myself, sometimes. I want to see and "know" the proof that my Heavenly Father is around me and really cares about the little details in my life. But you know where I find Him? In the smaller details. Not the dreams and visitations or giant-can't-miss-it-moments. He speaks in a small still voice and the things that He does to touch the lives of His children individually--are the little things that matter to them! For me, it might be an empty parking space when I'm late for university on a really cold day when I don't want to walk halfway across campus. It might be finally finding that missing notebook for class, or having exactly enough corn meal to make cornbread muffins that night. It's needing a hug and getting a phone call from home at a moment where I didn't expect it--little things like that. He does hold up the universe--and He loves to listen to us and hold us close too. That He cares enough to make those little details a reality to me--that's my touchstone, as you put it. That's where I know that He cares and I matter to him. I hope you can find His details in your life. :) In His love and light--Sara.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sara - I am thankful that you see the Lord in all the little things - but they just are not cutting it fo me. It is not enough anymore. Too much of a coincidence. Others find parking spots and go grocery shopping. The rain falls on the righteous and unrighteous. When you have been "let down" so many times - it feels like God doesn't really love you. In the last 4 years I have no less than 10 illnesses - one after the other, I have loss my job, I have loss my credentials (because I cannot work), I have loss my savings due to medical expenses, I can no longer drive, I can no longer read and study for more than a few minutes at a time. I have to have surgery - which has been cancelled the day before. It goes on and died, cat died...on disability - no longer can enjoy things. I have gone from a functional person to a lump lump - unable to use any abilities and talents that the Lord has given me. This is not a bad day or a bad month - it has become a way of life. Each time I get my head and heart around a little hope - this too is taken away. How can you find little things when you can't see well anymore, can't walk anymore and can't read anymore. You can't afford to take classes or replace a broken vacum or microwave - all because of an accident. You said that God cares enough to make all these little things reality to you - and that shows He care and you matter - so if you don't have that - what does that show? If just once I had something that the Lord did just for me - that I can hold on to it would be wonderful. I know, I know, blessed are those that believe without seeing...I'm just soooo done. Now my testing has turned to bitterness - and I'm less that useless for the Kingdom. Thanks for listening sister.