Sunday, February 19, 2012

Shelter (Flash Fiction)

Found on Google Images


“Come in, quickly!”

She was a pretty young thing, with a wicker basket tucked in the crook of her elbow and her mouth curved upwards in a smile as she waved towards the father-son duo.

“I don’t bite and it’s dry and warm in here.” She held open the curtain door to her hut. “The animals will be fine. The courtyard is warded with a protection circle. It keeps all animals safe. You’d like it better in here though.”

The father moved first, and the son followed immediately afterwards. They gratefully stepped into the shelter and were waved towards the fireplace in the corner.

“I’ll get it going in a second.” She deposited the basket on the counter and whipped off the damp shawl, threading it over a clothesline intersecting the hut. She winked at the fireplace and a spark of fire leapt to life.

The father stiffened and turned to her. She met his gaze steadily.

The boy stared, eyes-wide and open-mouthed.

He’d never seen a girl with two-colored eyes before. .

(c) Sara Harricharan


Joanne Sher said...

Cool. Love it, Sawa.