Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Trial by Water (Ebook)

 Trial by Water: Sara Harricharan : Short Story : Christian Fantasy : Book 3 in the Twilight Knight Series

Synopsis: Marcus Gillen is a Twilight Knight with elite Gold Clearance gifted to him since his Knightship. Twilights with Golden Queue training are taught to play a game of wits with their mission objective and Marcus is one of the best. But his latest mission has popped up at a bad time. His gift is water--a double-edged sword to an elemental bearer. It can show him the darkness in the world--and the darkness inside himself. Visiting Kainesworth on assignment opens a new set of puzzles for Marcus, including run-ins with an ancient sea serpent and one strange little girl. Digging deep into his past might provide a few answers, but in doing so, Marcus is forced to take a closer look at himself. The darkness he's fighting may be closer than he thinks. Can he win this game or will he drown trying? Book #3 in the Twilight Knights Series.

Now available for purchase on for $2.99. Click here to purchase. Sample also available for download.