Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Belief (Flash Fiction)

Found on Google Images. I own nothing.




Ha. What is it?

What are they?

I don’t know.

I should, but I don’t.

Somehow, this doesn’t matter.

It could be one of many, it would be none of any.

But it’s there. It’s a word. It’s something you expected me to answer.

When you asked me, what beliefs I held, I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t answer you, because there wasn’t anything I could say.

You were asking for my opinion and I’d forgotten all about it.

In the midst of being your everything, I forgot that I was something.

So when you asked me of my beliefs, I didn’t answer right away.

Because I didn’t know you cared.

(c) Sara Harricharan

A/N: Ergh, this one isn't really fiction, it's more rambling quick thoughtstream sort of. I hope it is enjoyable just the same. Thank you all for the wonderful comments this week! You've made my day in more ways than I can say.  ^_^